Friday, July 31, 2009

Don't you love this guy??

I do!
Happy 39th birthday, Brenty-Boo!
Brent is the greatest husband, friend, and dad. Any frustration I've had during our marriage usually ends with me wondering how he puts up with the redhead he asked to marry him.

Cute stories or things about Brent:
  • Brent brought exactly $0.00 on our first date. He HAD money, he just didn't bring any with him.
  • Brent was my test subject on many an IQ test while I was in graduate school. He was the perfect subject because I could get to almost all parts of the test. He just kept going and going and getting everything right. He's a smarty!
  • Brent cried at the birth of Todd. (Sorry for blowing your tough-guy cover, Honey.) He's a tender guy but it takes something big--at least 7lbs 14 oz--to get a reaction.
  • A few years ago Brent was out with some missionaries from our church. One of the people they visited asked Brent if he was preparing to go on a mission, typically undertaken by 'men' in our church at 19 years of age...He was 33!
  • Brent doesn't like to wait to surprise people. When we got engaged, he wanted to call his parents right then. He also wanted to notify people minutes after the second line on the pregnancy tests showed up with each of our kids. Even for birthdays or at Christmastime he gives me lots of opportunities to open my gifts early! I don't have a sturdy delay-of-gratification quality but knowing he wants me to open the presents makes me want to wait!
I love you, Brent!
(And I'm glad you're my age now :) )


bdz132 said...

Oh, that's so cute that you fabricated some sarcastic stories about me for my birthday. Thanks!

(Weren't you worried someone might think you were serious and that I have actually cried?!?)

Scott said...

Thanks for exposing the *real* Brent. And yes, we love him whether he cried or not.

Happy Birthday, Brent!

Colett's Corner said...

Happy Bday. We know your a softy : )

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday, Brent!

As I read your list, Rita, it made me think of Ben. They are both smart, sensitive, and wonderful hubbies. Aren't we lucky?

The date story was pretty funny! It brought back memories of all those "fireside dates" I had at BYU - didn't cost the guy a dime!

Deanna Quinton Larson said...

AAAAWWWWW!!! What a sweet note! You sure love that guy! He's a lucky man.

Sheri said...

Happy Birthday!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday you big softy!