Thursday, December 23, 2010

Season's Greetings

In case we didn't have your address this year, here's a Christmas card for you. I didn't get around to writing a 2010 family summary but if I had it would have said something like...

Todd is 14. He's only "ours" for a few more short years. Does he know how to cook, do his own laundry, and clean a bathroom yet? Nope but we're working on it. He is hilarious and smart. His English teacher calls him "Walking Jeopardy". Todd is everyone's favorite young man in the ward and grown-up cousin in the family. We love him.
Kenna is 10. She is THE best little and big sister to her crazy brothers. She's probably making a crafty project right now and recently picked up sport stacking as a hobby. Her room is usually a mess but her goals are creative and brilliant. Kenna is the most well-rounded girl we know--a friend to all, smarter than her parents, and more beautiful every day. We love her.
Alec is 5. He loves Kindergarten and play dates with his best friends. He works up quite a sweat when playing Wii games; partly from the action but mostly from celebrating--with donkey kicks and leg sweeps--or ruing--with grouchy yelling and foot stomps--his performance. Affectionate as he is silly, Alec always makes us smile. We love him.
Brent is 40 and looks/acts 20. Brent weighs 169.7 lbs as of this morning. (That's so skinny for a 6'3" guy!!) He's a running maniac with the lofty goal to qualify for the Boston Marathon this year. He enjoys working at Control4 programming home/hotel automation systems and regularly reminds his co-workers through example that it's okay to be nerdy AND have a personality.
Rita is 40 and looks/feels 50. She runs a few times a week with the best partners in town and wants to do a sub 2hr. 1/2 marathon this year. We'll see. She loves her part time job as a School Psychologist and her favorite student at work is Alec who attends her assigned school! Rita's most constant but alluding goal is to find peace and balance in her life. Maybe some day.

We feel overwhelmed by the love of family and friends and blessed to have all that we need. We wish you the happiest Christmas and joy in 2011!


Barb said...

So you were brave enough to post your hubby's weight......and not yours? LOL

Life keeps puttering on, doesn't it! I remember when I was 40, also, and you and Marlon were the age of yours now.

Merry Christmas, Rita. May you and yours have a wonderful 2011!

Colett's Corner said...

Love you guys. Can't believe how long it has been since we have seen you. You are wonderful friends are we are so blessed to know you!

Jana said...

You have such a wonderful, beautiful family. Hope you've had a terrific Christmas and best of luck on your goals for the new year! Love ya!

Scott said...

Dang, how did I miss this? Well, better late than never. That's a pretty good summary of your wonderful family. We love you all.