Sunday, May 17, 2009

Are you sick of hearing about running yet?

Skip this post if you are tired of my race recounting because here I go again...

Yesterday I ran the Ogden 1/2 marathon. It was a nearly perfect day with beautiful weather, gorgeous scenery, and lots of fellow runners to share the fun, including a really handsome tall guy I like.

I've had a worsening chest cold for about a week so I was nervous and saddened worrying that I wouldn't be able to run my best. I set my goals accordingly:

Satisfied: Set a course PR-2:14:31
Happy: Set a distance PR-2:13:40
Thrilled: Run 2:11:00-10 min./mile average pace

Our group consisted of my running friends, Mandy, Susan, and Kellie, 2 of Susan's cousins, Kellie's brother, my sis-in-law, Andrea, and her BFF Danette (that I like to call my friend too because she's awesome!! :) ) , and my beloved Brenty-Boo. Kellie's husband, Ryan and our friend Dale were slated to run the full marathon. Getting up at 3:45 a.m. to make it to the 5 a.m. bus departure was the only negative of the day. We met at my house and caravaned to Ogden, found parking, and were on time for the buses. It was a small miracle that we were able to keep track of each other with so many people around.

The half marathon starts (DUH) 1/2 way into the full Ogden marathon. For you running nerds, I've posted the elevation chart and my mile time splits. The black line shows where we started running at Eden park.

Mile 1-10:21--The starting line was crammed with runners. It was elbow-to-elbow well into the first 1/2 mile. It's hard to remember during a long race to take it easy at the start and not waste energy darting between other runners. A nice easy 10:21 shows that we did just that.
Mile 2-10:47--The second mile has a 1/2 mile gradual hill. The hill isn't too bad compared to the mile-long hill on a route near my house so we were able to slow a bit but kept going.
Mile 3-9:51--Ah. Flattening out. We dropped our bag with long-sleeved shirts, gloves, etc. now that we were warmed up.
Mile 4-9:45--Running by Pineview Resevoir-peaceful, cool, and calm.
Mile 5-9:27--Warm chocolate GU here. Didn't gag. Yay!
Mile 6-10:06--Running across the dam to enter the cool, downhill of Ogden canyon.
Mile 7-9:48
Mile 8-9:19--The next several miles flew by. It was a pleasure to see the mile markers and hear the chirp of my Garmin sooner than expected each time.
Mile 9-8:32--Lost my Brenty when he stopped to stretch and walk for a bit.
Mile 10-8:44
Mile 11-9:29--Knew I needed more GU but they didn't have any at the aid station. Settled for Powerade and kept going. The last three miles of the race are definitely the longest feeling both because you're worn out and also because the course flattens out after the nice downhills. The run follows a parkway with lots of short ups and downs and curves. Not my favorite. Cheering spectators help to make it endurable.
Mile 12-10:24--Long stop for water and a mental pep talk. Susan found one of her cousins about 1/2 mile in and stopped to walk with her. I was on my own for the rest of the race.
Mile 13-9:47--I shortened my gait, put my head down and kept my shortened sites on people ahead of me as goals to catch by the finish line.
.28 to the end-2:08 (8:49 pace)--My 'sprint' to the end was tiring and a little pathetic. The finish line seems to move further away as soon as you pass the "1/4 mile left" sign but I did manage to pick off a couple of runners right at the end. Yay, old lady! It was a treat to hear my name twice as I neared the finish. A principal from one of my schools was waiting for the second of his running daughters to finish and gave me a cheer. The mom of Todd's best friend was there waiting for her husband and yelled for me too. Kind of fun.

Brent pumped my ego and told me (probably lied) that he tried to catch me for a few miles. He finished in 2:10:01...Pretty stinking good for only running about 4 times since January. Crazy guy.

My final time was 2:08:48--a 9:42 min/mile pace.
I beat my THRILLED goal by 2:12 minutes

The next running adventure is a 1/2 marathon in my hometown next weekend. My friend, Quincey, my brother, David, and my sister Pamela, are all along for the fun. Can't wait!


bdz132 said...

That was one of the funnest races ever. Congratulations on a great time.

Kristen said...

You inspire me, Rita! Your running posts always make me want to get my running shoes on and hit the pavement! Great job on your personal best time!

Teresa said...

You are incredible! I am so proud of you! Great job on reaching your goal! I love reading your running stories....keep sharing them:)

The Bullknitter said...

I would so go out for a run right now - except it's 12:30 am. You are so inspiring. Yay old lady!

Rockelle said...

Congrats Rita...have fun in Cardston next week!
Your awesome!

Janelle said...

I love hearing about your running adventures!!! You are amazing!!! Way to go!!! Good luck next weekend!!!

Amy and Brad said...

I could never tire of hearing about your races and your running adventures! Seriously. They are totally motivating for me. Keep 'em coming!

Deanna Quinton Larson said...

YAY!!! Congratulations on beating your goals. What an awesome feeling that must be. You are such an inspiration!!! Keep telling us your fabulous running stories. I love cheering for you from afar!

Andrea said...

I never get bored with running posts! You are AMAZING!!! My vote, as I've said before, is a sub-2 for us at TOU. Please say yes!

Danette said...

Whatever!!!! I'm your friend too!!!! I had a fantastic time at this race and you did so rockin' awesome! (And Brent is so nice to you!) See you soon!

Scott said...

This was a terrible post! No more running reports, especially when it's Ogden Half, where I ran my last race--with you and Brent and Russ and Andrea.

Why? Because I really miss those races, all the race friends, especially the running friends and family. Your report was so fun that it made me homesick.

Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS! You can no longer call yourself a jogger. You are now an official runner!