Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Canada Trip #2

Two trips to Canada in two months put a big hole in the gas money budget but have been well worth it. Here are highlights from my latest trip across the border.
  • Texted Quincey that her lucky family would not have to endure inside jokes and lame growing-up-in-Cardston stories because I talked my little sister, Steph into making the trek home with me.
  • Got to Steph's in Pocatello late thanks to a long work day and procrastinated packing. Alec went right to sleep and only kicked me a few times during the night.
  • Left Stephy's around 6 a.m. and traveled on cruise control. NO TICKETS!! I took Alec and Steph took her 2 youngest kids, Andy and Kasey. They did great. Our older kids stayed home with their studly dads.
  • Arrived at Pamela's house in Lethbridge and got ready to go to a "surprise" retirement party for my dad...Yes, he knows he's retiring but he wasn't supposed to know about the dinner. SEVERAL people did their best to tip him off so he knew that something was up.
  • Attended Dad's retirement dinner given by the Kainai Board of Education employees. I was amazed and touched beyond description with the sincere tributes and warm feelings shared. It was beautiful to see others recognizing and acknowleging my dad's strengths and hard work. The Blackfoot name that was given to my father not long after he began working for the Blood Tribe means Gentle Man. At least 15 people spoke at the dinner and most remarked on my dad's kindness, steady manner, and wise decision-making. It was a beautiful evening. I feel so blessed that I was able to attend and that each of my siblings were there as well.
  • Lazed at Pamela's house for a while and went shopping for Canadian candy to bring back for deprived USA friends.
  • Partied at Mom and Dad's house with the sibs and awesome nieces and nephews. Have I mentioned that I love being an auntie?!
  • The race...a disaster for me but a huge success for Quincey, my sister, Pamela, and my brother, David. Quince beat her previous time by nearly a minute. Pamela finished her first 1/2 marathon in 2:16 and David finished his first in 2:18! Pamela's friend finished with a good time too. Yay everyone, except me :( I finished in 2:37 which my worst time at that distance--EVER. The course was a little hilly but I'm going to blame it on being sick, having run a 1/2 last weekend, being spent from the drive, losing 5 lbs in 2 days on a crazy diet, and having a random bad running day. Whatever. I finished and that is an accomplishment. I was tearfully proud of David and Pamela and happy that I didn't quit like I wanted to!

  • FUN, FUN, FUN night with my beautiful, hilarious friends from growing up. We might be getting old but we've still got it, right?! We missed Stephanie and Tracy. (And Quincey missed Rob.)
  • We attended church in Waterton on a very rare, calm day. It was beautiful.
  • Did more to support the Canadian economy by loading up on cheap clothing and irresistable treats.


Kellie said...

WOW!! Is all I can say. I can't believe you have done 4 - 1/2 marathons in like what 3 months? You are my hero! It's nice to know though - you are not a super hero and that you have bad days too! Super cute pictures - and I am glad you had fun. NO TICKETS this time- yeah!!!

Mandy said...

So Fun! Every day is fun when you are with Rita!! We missed you.....Glad your back!

Rockelle said...

loved the collage picture. Your Mom and Dad look the same. Glad to see them well and happy. Gosh your whole family is getting in on this running thing eh!

Deanna Quinton Larson said...

What fun!!! Congrats on finishing that race while sick! I would have packed it in after the first mile. Congrats to your dad too for all his hard work with the school systems over the years. He is such a sweetheart! I love running into them on Sundays. They always have something good to say and are always full of such fun news about their family. Sorry I missed seeing you again. LOL!

Kristen said...

Once again, congrats! You are a running machine, woman! Gosh!

I should have had you pick up some Old Dutch chips and Big Turks for me. I love Canadian junk food!

Scott said...

Congratulations on an excellent FINISH--even if it wasn't up to your normal speedy self.

I loved this post. It sounds like you had so much fun.

Congratulations to your dad. He will LOVE retirement. The key to retirement is to actually retire.

Teresa said...

I am so jealous! Two trips in two months! I am lucky to get one in once or twice a year! Kudos on your half:) I was looking for a 1/2 to run while I was home for a short time but it isn't going to work out. I will run a 1/2 (while I am home)one of these years. That is so neat that David and Pam ran it with you. You are such and inspiration to us all! BTW I too am excited to bring back the Canadian sweets, don't forget the nanaimo bars:)luv ya

Jana said...

Deets, so very fun to see you!! hopefully some of your ambition and inspiration will rub off on me! Loved the post and the pictures! Enjoy your yummy Canadian treats -- you've earned them with all the running you've done these past few months!! Take care.

Atkin Family said...

Rita - you crazy lady - aannnd you threw in there that you did a 2 day diet to lose 5 lbs - yourr killin' me!! No, you're goin to kill your self!! Take a week to take it easy now!! But I luv ya' -- you are my inspiration (Peter Cetera anyone?!) and such a good friend. You're the best! I went on the put 5lbs ON diet while I was in Canada --- slurpees, wonderbar, good home cookin'!!! Let me know when ur hubby will let us go out for lunch again -- tell him I promise NO shopping!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to your dad for his retirement. BTW, have I ever mentioned that I LOVE your family! Glad you had a fun trip.

Colett's Corner said...

Cute picts. I want to know what the crazy diet is? Does it involve DR P??????? OR CHOCOLATE???? I would love someone to come up with a crazy diet like that (that works).

Amy and Brad said...

Love the update on the trip! Sounds like it was a great success!