Monday, September 14, 2009

Reasons to Smile.

I got my braces off today and I am still smiling!

Ten More Reasons to Smile Today:

1. I got to hold and love baby Ava. She is a miracle and a blessing. Her spirit is thick and comforting. I love her.

2. Alec was super excited when he saw my braces gone. He has exercised a year of self-control when near my face. When I showed him my teeth, he squished my face and exclaimed, "Ooooh. Now I can do *chubby cheeks* so, so, so hard!"

3. Todd is starting to "get" Jr. High little by little. The last three weeks have been socially and organizationally miserable. I love him. He's trying hard.

Kenna has been a dream about getting up and ready for school this year. She is definitely a night person so it is a real effort for her to wake up and be cheerful. What a good girl.

5. A woman that I work with at church picked and gave us a giant box of peaches. Mmmmm peaches. I'm going to make some pies tomorrow. I may even get organized enough to take one to a nice girl I know.

Because of Facebook, I am back in touch with many great people from my past. The social networking thing can get out of hand so I try to be careful with my time but I am grateful to rekindle old friendships.

I arrived home today to lots of loud sounds in my basement. It's a good thing. We are soon to have an extra 1,000 square feet of room to stash stuff that we don't need.

8. My in-laws are back in the country. I so wish their return were under different circumstances. Their love, faith, and direction is a blessing to our family. I love them.

9. My mom and dad are planning a trip to visit us soon. I. Can't. Wait. And it not just because they are coming to watch our kids while we are in Hawaii. I actually really love them too.

10. Look at the three awesome kids surrounding my bright, straight, metal-free smile in the bottom left picture...I bet they even made YOU smile!


Amy and Brad said...

Loved all the reasons to smile! You look great, Rita!

Matilda said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS!!

Janelle said...

You look amazing!!! I love all of your reasons to smile! And yes, they made me smile too!!!

Colett's Corner said...

You can't get any more beautiful than that. Love the pics with your kids.

Scott said...

Wow! You now have a Hollywood smile. Gorgeous.

Thanks for mentioning our return from Peru. It's great to be with family and friends in the US.

Scott said...
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Kristen said...

Lots of good and positive things showering down on you. Definitely reasons to smile.

Your teeth look b-e-a-utiful!!! Your kids are so stinkin' cute too!

Tell Todd to hang in there. Jr. High is a major adjustment but he'll hit his stride soon. He's lucky to have a mom and dad who can help him process it all. I know Kennedy has benefitted from having a therapist as a dad.

Anonymous said...

Yay, congratulations! You're always beautiful, though--braces or no braces. Oh, and those are some pretty great kids you've got there!

Jana said...

Love your postive outlook and reasons to smile.You and your "new" smile look gorgeous! What a great picture with your gang!