Sunday, September 21, 2008

WISH and ye shall receive?

Last week my friend posted a blog photo of her van filled with bushels of peaches. My mouth watered as I read about her plans to can them and make fresh pies. I left a comment wishing her well in her fragrant endeavors and went to Bath and Body Works to buy a peach-scented anything to satisfy my cravings. Today that same friend surprised me with a bag of peaches and a fresh peach pie!! Mmmmmm.

Thanks, Kristen. YOU are a PEACH!!


Amy and Brad said...

Oh my gosh - I need to move to Utah!

Atkin Family said...

Rita- you'll look so freakin' skinny, you must be a runnin fool!! Everytime I gut out my 2-3 miles in during the week, I think of you running two 8 milers and a 16 and think that I am pathetic. And, it just doesn't seem to be getting any easier for me. So enjoy your peach pie, you're earned it! Q

The Bullknitter said...

Ok, how do you do those shots, with the peaches and cookies? That is scrap-blogging!