Friday, October 2, 2009

Lucky 13!

On October 1st Todd officially became a TERRIFIC teenager. He is a fabulous kid and I do not anticipate a spiked increase in eye-rolling and arguing. (Although, it will be nice to finally have an explanation for said behaviors.)

13 great things about Todd:

1. Todd does great voices, accents and impressions. We watched the Secret Garden a couple of weeks ago and he has been in and out of Irish, Scottish, and English phrases and accents since. And yes, they each sound a little different.

2. Todd is great on the phone. I grinned as I listened to him chat with birthday well wishers. His animation and annunciation surprise me. (If you've met his father, you know why.)

3. Todd is affectionate in action and word. I can still get a hug and kiss from Todd at bedtime and I-love-yous are sprinkled throughout the day.

4. Todd is honest. Even if it means telling on himself, you know that you'll get the facts when his side of the story comes out.

5. Todd called *W* "doogaly" for a long time after he learned his letters. It was so cute that we called him Doogaly for a long time.

6. Todd has an opinion and readily shares it. This trait has landed me in discussions at the school office a couple of times but even given those worrisome times, I know that this quality will serve him well...He will eventually temper the DNA he got from his mum and confidently stand for what he believes.

7. Todd loves his family--immediate and extended members. I don't take this for granted. I feel blessed that he likes to be around us.

8. Todd is a "good" boy. Last week Brent and I traveled to Orem on Sunday morning for our newest nephew's blessing. Because we had to leave early, we let the kids stay home and sleep in. Todd got up on his own and went to church! He also attends his scouting and Young Men's activities regularly. I'm so happy this isn't something we argue about.

9. Todd is active. We've got a lot of pictures of him playing Guitar Hero and RockBand but he can often be found outside shooting hoops a lot too. He's run several 5K races as well.

10. Todd is true blue to BYU. How could he be otherwise??? It's fun to listen to him chew the sports' fat about stats and random trivia with Brent. This is something he does that really reminds me of how old he is.

11. Todd is learning to speak FRENCH! Brent speaks Spanish so I was a little surprised when Todd chose my BYU minor as his 2nd language. He really likes the class and is doing tres bien in there.

12. Todd is a great 'big' brother. He has his moments of being a little too rough with Alec and a lot too annoyed with Kenna but he is usually very respectful and fun with them.

13. Todd changed our family. When Todd was born, Brent and I went from being a couple without kids to being a couple with. My mom and dad got their first grandchild and Brent's parents, their first grandson. My siblings and spouses became aunts and uncles. Brent's siblings got their first nephew. These weren't simple title changes. Todd matured us and gave us something important to do and love.

I love you, Todd!
Happy teenagedom.


The Bullknitter said...

You are so good at these tributes, Rita. Maybe I'll try it when my boy turns 14 next month.

Rockelle said...

I love the way you write Rita...
Happy birthday to your first born!

Debbie said...

I can tell you really love this 13-year old! Great post. He is an awesome young man!

Andrea said...

AHHHHH! Todd is a teenager?!?! I love this kid so much! He is soooo funny! I love chatting with him and hearing his take on the world. He is so cool!

Kristen said...

I'm thinking there needs to be some matchmaking here. YOU'VE got a great 13 year old. I'VE got a great 13 year old.

Let's talk after they're both back from their missions.

Colett's Corner said...

Can't agree with you more. What a great kid even when you're not there. I still am so impressed by his comments and prayers at church. So sincere and understanding for someone who is only 13. I miss all of you already. Maybe Brent could come home teaching to South Weber. I'm sure there would be extra blessings in it for him.

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday to Todd! He IS such a great kid. One of my memories of him is doing some impersonation from Nacho Libre, and he had everyone laughing. Very funny. Love you Todd!