Tuesday, October 13, 2009

SGM 2009

How many race reports can you read that begin and end with me explaining how sorely (no pun intended!) undertrained I was to tackle the experience? Hopefully you've got it in you to read one more...

Any marathon training should include, at very least, three 18+ mile runs but hot summer weather forces ridiculously early departure times and busy schedules often interfere with the best intentions to get in a long run. These two issues are always factors in my lack of training but cannot be solely blamed. The fact is, I am L-A-Z-Y when it comes to doing long training runs. I just don't like to do them!

I ran the SLC 1/2 (April), Ogden 1/2 (May), Legacy 1/2 (May), and Top of Utah 1/2 (August) this year and a miserable 18.6 miler (except for the great company). Other than those races, my distance training wasn't more than about 10 miles on any run. Therefore, my time and performance goals settled nice and low at:
#1 Avoid injury and
#2 Enjoy my tall, handsome race partner.

Mission and low expectations accomplished!!

Brent and I spent a lovely 5 hours and 21 minutes running the marathon together sans wrecked knees, back, or even unmentionable chafing. Our time included great conversation, much laughing, a tear or two (on my part only and probably unbeknown even to Brent!), and a kiss at the finish line!

The pics are borrowed from the official event photographers at marathonfoto.com, hence the big PROOF across each of them. I prefer to think of the pics this way:
#1 PROOF that even though he could have left me in the dust, Brent stayed at my side throughout the race.
#2 PROOF that running makes me feel tough and accomplished...even if it's really slow running with lots of walking in between :D
#3 PROOF that I still like that guy I married 16.75 years ago.
#1 PROOF that I participated in my 3rd full and 3rd St. George Marathon. Woohoo!!


Andrea said...

You rock girl! I love this post and I love the sweaty, kissy picture!!

Beverly said...

Congratulations! That's a wonderful accomplishment I can't even run a mile with Scott.

Mandy said...

Amazing! You and Brent are amazing!

Kristen said...

You did it again! :) Look at your long list of running accomplishments this year! You should be so proud. Truly you should be! Glad you just had fun and enjoyed your time with Brent out on the course. Wish I could get Jeff to tie up his running laces and give it a go with me. He says he hasn't run since grade 9.

Congrats, Rita!

Shelley said...

Once again I am amazed at your running prowess!! Good for you, I wish I could get my "you know what" out the door to do some running.

Scott said...

Great marathon! My slowest marathons have been my funnest. Besides, most non-runners don't know the difference between a sub-5-hour and a sub-3-hour marathon.

Atkin Family said...

Oh Rita, I'm so very proud of you!!! You are such a determined lady - so impressive!! Its all about perservence -- a metaphor for us all!! I've literally fallen off the wagon and can't get up!! I need a pep talk from you to get me going again!! I'm planning on the SLC 1/2 again -- that was very fun! So hopefully that will get me get my running shoes out again very soon!! Good for you!!

Jana said...

Congratulations Deets! You are amazing!! You look so happy and triumphant at the finish line. Who cares about your time -- the point is you did it!! And that's awesome that you and Brent did it together -- kind of a metaphor for life! Despite the ups and downs, pains and tears, stick together and finish together! Great job!! You are my idol!