Sunday, March 28, 2010


For one more month...
I'm fast approaching 40 and really freaking out,
Not yet the girl I want to be, my sanity's in doubt.

At a glance, I have it all--great job, husband and kids,
But the looming big 4-0 has my stress level off the grid.

I guess I had a picture, a hope for what might be,
When I left behind my 30s and marched toward 40.

Where is my mark of wisdom? My temperance and calm?
I'm more unsettled than a teen preparing for the prom.

I want to feel mature and poised, strong and self-assured,
At what age can I expect insecurity to be cured?


Rockelle said...

probably...NEVER! but you will be fine...i promise!

LordStanley said...

When you figure it out ... please be sure to let me know.

Beverly said...

loved this post and LOVE you. Don't expect to have it all figured out until after you die!

Scott said...

As I always tell Beverly, "ISTJs live tormented lives." They want justice, and this life has no justice. They want to solve all the problems of the world, but the problems just keep coming. They want to be perfect, but perfect is impossible in this life. They just expect way too much from life--and way, way too much of themselves. The two ISTJs in my life (you and Beverly) are about as perfect and wondeful as a person can be in this life. Yes, I know. That's no consolation to an ISTJ. (Us ENFPs? Our mantra: "What, me worry?")

Colett's Corner said...

27 Remember.....not 40

Kristen said...

You're so cute and clever.

How many 40 year olds are out there running up a storm and lookin' hot doing it? Not many, I tell you.
You're awesome and adorable and much younger and sassier than any old birth certificate says. :D

Katie said...

Getting old sucks. At least you look a decade younger than that!

Amy and Brad said...

Add "poet" to the long list of talents you posess! I suspect you will be pleasantly surprised with 40.

The Bullknitter said...

Your poetic prowess echos my thoughts, minus the witty prose. I take comfort knowing that we're all in this together.