Monday, March 8, 2010

St. George 1/2 and 5K.

This motley crew loves St. George and loves running in St. George even more!

On January 23rd we all ran the St. George 1/2 Marathon or 5K. Left-to-right is me, Brent, Eric (Brent's brother-in-law), Scott (Brent's dad), Andrea (Brent's sister) and Nate (Andrea's husband, Brent's brother-in-law.)

Brent ran the 1/2 marathon with a goal to set a personal 1/2 record by running it in under 1:56 which he did...1:52:40!! Yay Brenty-Boo!
Brent has some lofty running goals and he is well on his way to smashing them all. Brent wants to set a marathon personal record at the Salt Lake City Marathon in April by running under 4:12 and run a sub 4 hour marathon at the Ogden Marathon in May. He has be running and training a ton and he is on-track to easily meet his expectations. So glad for him.

I ran the 1/2 too but my goal was only to finish upright and under 2:25 which I did. I've had a hard time training this winter. It's not too motivating to get up hours before the sun, breath in junk trapped by the inversion, and freeze your body to the bone. Too often I run, hit the shower, and jump right back into bed where greeted by my electric blanket left on high for that purpose. I wonder how many calories you burn when you go right back to sleep after running! Not enough as evidenced by the numbers on the scale. :(

Other awesome St. George activities included a runners' luncheon and birthday celebration for Brent's dad, swimming kids and plenty of cousin hooliganism.

I love St. George and I really love the wonderful people that love it with me.


The Bullknitter said...

Way to go Rita! I love St. George too, but don't get there enough. The sun seems to be getting up earlier and earlier, so have fun on those early morning runs.

Scott said...

Was that a great weekend, or what! I hope we all make it into the St. George Marathon.

Jana said...

Deets, you're amazing! Congrats and glad you had a fun family weekend!

Amy and Brad said...

You are so impressive...and totally motivating!

Love the St. George family time - the kids in the pool are awfully cute!

Colett's Corner said...

You guys ROCK! What an inspiration! I would probably crawl back into the warm bed and eat a bag of M&M's before they melt.