Monday, June 14, 2010

26.2 miles of random thoughts.

Brent, my father-in-law, Scott, and I ran the Utah Valley Marathon on Saturday. (Read Brent's report here and my father-in-law's report here.) It started in Wallsburg and finished in south Provo. 26.2 miles makes for a long day and lots of thinking when you're slow and running alone. Here are my mile splits with a mere smattering at what was "running" through my mind while I was running and running and running...

1-9:59- I was a good 12 minutes crossing the start line after the official start gun..It may have been a bad idea to wait so long for a PoP (port-o-potty) visit. I feel like the only one out here. Seriously. What if I were to come in absolutely LAST? Yikes.
2-10:20- So this is Wallsburg. When I taught Home Ec. in Heber City, many of my students were from Wallsburg including Shane and Shantal—the hellion siblings who one-uped each other daily with their discipline-prompting antics. Those two names got crossed off the “what should we name our kids?” list fast!
3-11:03- That volunteer lumped me in with “crazy marathoners.” Huh. I am a marathoner. THAT is crazy!
4-13:13- A PoP stop this early? It’s gonna be a loooong race.
5-10:26- Lucky me. A soggy hug and words of encouragement from AlisaK! She is darling and as cold, wet and tired as I am. Volunteers rock. How cute is it that her husband is here? It’s not his gig but he supports her in her psychosis, I mean, hobby.
6-11:03- Not often that Utah weather includes the phrase “torrential rain.” Good thing I’m not one of the pretty girls who do their hair and makeup before a race. I’d have hairspray stung eyes and mascara striped cheeks by now.
7-12:12- Hey! It’s Bennett’s Mom in a lovely black running outfit. Oh wait, that is a garbage bag. Well, she makes it look good.
8-13:46- TIME: 1:32:00 Aww, Brent’s favorite number. I hope he’s doing well. I bet he didn’t walk this hill!
9-10:17- I. AM. COLD. So glad it’s not 100 degrees though.
10-11:49- “Soy un perdedor. I’m a loser baby so why don’t you kill me?” I heart you Puck and Finn…loving my GLEE music.
11-12:10- Blistermania commence. I hate wet feet.
12-11:38- Yay, I see my father-in-law! He asked me what my race plan was this morning. I answered him the same way as I answered BeMo when she asked my strategy. “Uuhhhmm.” + nervous giggle. I still don’t have a plan.
13-9:49- Would it be flirting to tell that guy that he has beautiful calves? Probably. WAIT! How did he get such yummy calves if I am passing him? That’s not fair.
14-12:45- Appropriate. “Highway to Hell” on the mp3 player in time for another hill.
15-11:56- Absolutely beautiful, green canyon mountains. What a blessing to run here.
16-10:43- My feet hurt. Bye-bye toenails.
17-10:11- Yay tailwind!! Maybe my clothes will dry out before the finish line.
18-10:32- Could I possibly go under 5 hours, smash my Ogden time and PR? Math…do math. Dangit. I can’t add or subtract but I guess I can keep running.
19-10:33- Why does 8 miles left sound more daunting than 10 miles left? Weird.
20-10:24- If I cinch up the knee strap and down some ibuprofen maybe I can mask the ITB hurt.
21-10:08- Oh-oh. The runner who nearly plowed into a construction barrel is asking if she can run with me because I’m what? “Running so fast!” The poor delusional thing. Say yes, Rita. Don’t ask her to help you with the pace math though.
22-11:18- Wow. I really think I can do this thing in less than 5 hours; especially with the distraction of chatty barrel lady. Don’t think about it. Just run.
23-11:11- University Avenue. I loved going to school here. BYU is the best.
24-11:14- The Canadian rock group LOVERBOY was really underrated. Lovin’ every minute of it…dun dun dun dun…Lovin’ every minute of it.
25-11:04- Mmmmm La Dolce Vita Gnocchi. Wish I’d had that for my carbo load.
26-11:13- Really?! A hill during mile 26 of a marathon? Look down, one foot in front of the other. Look down, look down…crack, tar, weed, rock. Ahhh. There we go…top of the hill. Ouch going down feels WORSE!
.38- 3:54 (10:09 pace)-26.2 is a marathon and long enough but my GPS is showing a further distance. LET. THIS. END!! There’s Brent!! Now where’s the *^&% FINISH LINE?!

I can actually say that I am super proud of this race. I ran the 2nd half of the course faster than the first half and and my mile splits without hills or the one (that is an accomplishment of itself!) PoP stop were fairly even.
I finished in 4:54 which is a 10 minute PR and my first sub 5hr marathon time.
Yay me!


Kristen said...

CONGRATS on a downright fantastic race!

Colett's Corner said...

You are awesome!

Andrea said...

YAY you! You're a marathon maniac and I can't wait to join you next summer! Congrats on your PR!! You're amazing!

Melissa said...

You ARE amazing. You inspire me to get running again, but of course never will I be able to run a marathon.

Scott said...

Aaaaawesome. I was as happy about your PR as if I had gotten a PR (instead of a PW) myself!

Katie said...

Yay!! That's an awesome time! Congrats! Love the play by play. I'm going to say it again, I will NEVER do a 1/2 marathon again and will NEVER, NEVER do a full! Ever. You are more woman than I ever will be. And you're crazy.

Beverly said...

Congratulations on your PR Rita. Loved the "race report."

Jana said...

Congrats Deets! See you are even stronger now that you're 40! Way to go and beat your PR! U are amazing!!

Shelley said...

Wow every time you do one of these I am amazed. Good job Deets!!

Amy and Brad said...

Congratulations! That is so exciting, Rita! What an accomplishment!