Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Alec!

Alec Scott was born on June 13, 2005 at McKay Dee Hospital in Ogden, UT. I was induced two days prior to his due date and Alec still weighed in at a whopping 9lbs 3oz and was 21 inches long. (No one will ever make a case for Diet Dr. Pepper consumption correlating to low birth rate, right?!) The nurses and doctors watched Alec closely in the hospital. Because he was so big, they worried that he would lose weight too quickly or become dehydrated or something (I was on too much pain medication to really understand) but it turned out that he was just a really BIG baby.

When he started to get some hair, it was very fine and extra poofy. Todd and Kenna loved this about him. When they set up computer game accounts for him, his username is usually CrazyhairASZ. Alec didn't really crawl but scooted on his rear end faster than most kids walk!

Alec our sport-sporty kid. He loves to run and play any kind of ball game. One day at church when he could only scoot, he used a pencil as a hockey stick to hit a sponge ball across the floor. Hit, scoot, hit, scoot...he was quite the spectacle.

Alec's happy, easy-going disposition revealed itself early and remains constant. He has a great sense of humor, understands teasing and jokes and doesn't hold back a good old belly laugh when the occasion is right. His happy, silly personality is truly contagious.

Alec is great with numbers right now. A few days ago he told me that 99+99=198 because, "The 100 just wastes one two times." (I don't know what he meant by that but he understood it!) Last week at baseball, "Todd's team is 9 and the other team is 5 so Todd's team is winning by 4 points. Right, Mom?" And last night he counted 100 handfuls of legos while cleaning up his room. (Yep. It was that messy!)

Alec's most endearing quality to his old mommy is his tolerance of squishing! Alec is a very affectionate little guy and will frequently ask if I want to snuggle him while we watch a show together. Who could pass that up?

Happy birthday, big Alec. I love you.


Kristen said...

Happy Birthday to Alec! I love the last picture. Hug on him as long as you can!

He and my Taiden share the same birth date. Taiden is turning 11 today. :D

Colett's Corner said...

I remember that cute fluffy hair. Hard to believe....seems like you just had him. Happy birthday cute guy.

Jana said...

Happy Birthday Alec! Wow Deets, your baby is growing up! Enjoy those snuggles as long as you can. I still get some from my 11-year-old and I love it!!

Beverly said...

I love Alec. He is such a wonderful sweet boy.

Melissa said...

Happy birthday Akey (as Grace used to call him). So sad we missed the birthday festivities yesterday, but hope it was still a great day.

Katie said...

Aww... Happy birthday, Alec! Why must they keep aging?? Make it stop! Slow this world down! He's such a cute kid.