Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer so far--Part 3.

Cowabunga, Dudes!
At the beginning of July we (including Davion) went with the Paxman kids to a new waterpark in South Salt Lake--Cowabunga. The little kids had a great time. The big kids complained about too few thrill-inducing slides. My take? Since the tickets were 1/2 price, I only over-paid by 1/4. It was crowded with a lot of fake body parts and lacked much grass and shade. We'll take our $$$ to Seven Peaks next year.

Burrup Family Reunion
Some people hate them but I LOVE family reunions! We had good times at Brent's mom's family get-together where we played kickball, ran relay races, hunted for candy (check out the pic of Brent's sugar bling) and enjoyed a talent show. Todd represented our family in the ability showcase with his latest entertainment skill. He asked for topics and music genres from the crowd and adlibbed songs accordingly improv style. He was hilarious and awesome! I do NOT know where that kid gets his gall or confidence but he sure is cute.

Kenna and 5th grade

It is just wrong that a blog post about summer need contain a return-to-school announcement. I am not a fan of the year 'round school track system but alas, our boundary elementary school follows that schedule and so must we. Kenna started 5th grade 18 short days after she finished 4th! She was her happy, easy-going self about her brief summer. It sounds so trite to say that I can't believe how old she is getting but I really can't. She is a chubby, smiley, fluffy-haired 2-year-old in my mind.

My man turns 40 and completes another SPUDMAN
It's true. Brent is a hefty 3 months and 2 days younger than I. No wonder I've got all the grey hair and wrinkles.

Brent and his dad competed in the Spudman Triathalon in Burley, Idaho on the day of Brent's birthday. I slept the night at my sister's house in Pocatello and drove to Burley early on race day to get some pictures of these fine athletes/crazy people. I sat near the announcer at the end of the race and asked him to mention that it was Brent's birthday. As Brent ran in the last hundred yards, the announcer advertised, "Brent, someone told me that you're an old man today. It's his birthday, everyone!! He's 40 years old today." Cute.

Afterward, we drove back to Pocatello and celebrated with cake and cousins. We went to "Inception" that night and really enjoyed it. I commemorated Brent's milestone birthday with less pomp than he did mine, because he is a low-key kind of guy (probably a survival technique gained from living with the crazy for so long) but I adore him a cyclopean carnival's worth. Happy birthay, old man.


Andrea said...

Summer went way too quickly. I'm glad we hit "Bungabunga Bay", even if it was crowded. I enjoyed looking at all the crazy tattoos! Hopefully this school year will fly by just ask quickly as the summer!

Katie said...

Congrats to Brent! Yay for marrying slightly younger men! Lucky them... ;)

Debbie said...

You guys are amazing at continuing your fitness fun! Love it.

Kenna is just beautiful and I love your hugs in the second photo.

Your blog update is darling too. How did you do it? Way to go, RIta.

Amy and Brad said...

YOU GUYS HAVE BEEN B-U-S-Y!! What a fun summer. Happy Bday to Brent, Happy being-a-super-cute-5th-grader to Kenna!

Scott said...

Quite the summer for you guys. Thanks for the pictures of Spudman.