Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer so far--Part 2.

Layton City 5K
Todd, Kenna and I ran the Layton City 5K on July 3rd this year. Todd did great and set a PR (I think). I had reports from other acquaintances on the course that he stopped to walk and visit when he saw people he knew. Cute. Kenna and I stayed together. She was the picture of self-discipline and endurance as she chose when to walk and when to run. We cut up the hem of her adult size S shirt so that it wouldn't trip her. Our friends from the neighborhood ran with us too making it especially great.

Movie Premier

My sister Stephanie has friend who has capitalized on the Twilight frenzy by throwing somewhat elaborate parties for each of the movie debuts allowing girls and women of all ages an arena for their wishing-to-be-Bella hearts. Oh to be faced with deciding loyalty to Edward or Jacob. Awwwww. Because Stephanie's friend has a discerning eye for all things crafty and clever, she has enlisted Steph's help for each of these big to-dos. As payment, she allowed Stephanie to invite her less twitterpaited, somewhat sarcastic, mostly mocking but secretly interested sister to come along for the fun. The movie was great. Seeing Stephanie in action was better.

The Condo
You may recall that my parents are soon embarking on an LDS mission. After they received their call, I was charged with the task of finding them a place to rent for the 18 months they would be 20 minutes down the road from me. I looked at a lot of places. I called on even more and nothing seemed to fit or work out. Depleted and discouraged on my way home from another failed attempt to secure housing for my mom and dad, I called Brent and suggested that we should just buy a condo. He agreed. Next Wednesday, the rest will be history after we close on our first investment property. We're nervous about our landlord abilities but especially excited to have our first tenants be my terrific parents!


Colett's Corner said...

I'm sure you will be the coolest landlords ever. What a fun thing.

Katie said...

Hmmm... I wonder if a party would have made the movie better for me. Nothing beats the books. Nothing beats the Edward and Jacob in MY imagination.

Beverly said...

I'm eager to see the condo. Congratulations to all of you on your race.

LordStanley said...

Slumlords eh?

after your first tenants (18 months), due to the location, you shouldn't have any trouble keeping it occupied.


Scott said...

The condo is fantastic! What a summer for you guys.