Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Limerick of Grand Proportions

I decided to be a Grand Slammer,
My foot struck like a hammer.
Overweight and undertrained,
Enthusiasm mostly feigned,
A 40-year-old Grand Slammer.

Marathon one in Ogden was rough,
I was lacking the right mental stuff,
When it was done,
I didn’t want a rerun.
One 5:38 was enough!

Utah Valley was wet and wild,
But through the rain I smiled.
Ran a 4:54 PR,
Thought, “I need a celebratory cigar!”
Under SUCCESS, this one is filed.

Park City came and went,
With anger I did vent.
Stranded, you see,
Across the sea,
I missed the whole event.

Top of Utah was going great,
‘Til mile 20’s locked iron gate.
No more downhill,
And lacking the will,
Another sad 5:38.

St. George was last and long,
“Too hot!!” was everyone’s song.
How could 5:23
Produce such glee?
Because the accomplishment is lifelong!

The long and short of this story,

To a fit, skinny runner sounds gory.
But I got it done,
Even had some fun!
And five shiny medals are my glory.


Kristen said...

Enjoyed your clever rhyme! I'm not sure if you're crazy or completely sane in signing up for such a feat, but you did it and that is AMAZING! Congrats on setting and accomplishing such a lofty goal. You are my running Sensai and I appreciate all of your good advice these last couple years. You're awesome!

(BTW- wanted to sign up for next year's Ogden Half and it sold out in 5 days. I didn't get in. I am so bummed! Any suggestions of other fun races in the spring? I loved the help of gravity down Ogden Canyon!)

Beverly said...

You deserve to be proud of this accomplishment Rita. I think a 5K would be my marathon.

Jana said...

Deets, you are amazing! Congrats on reaching your goals. And I love your poetic streak you inherited from your sweet & funny daddy --very clever indeed!!

Mandy said...

You are AMAZING.....simply AMAZING!

Deanna Quinton Larson said...

blow me down! woman, you amaze me!!

Rockelle said...

You are so cool Rita, I wish I had your motivation!

SarahLeavitt said...

I'm so proud of you Rita. That is a marvelous accomplishment. Our daughter, Adrianne is a runner too and I can't figure out for the life of me where she got that desire. It certainly wasn't in-bred!!! But your THAT did come naturally! That is so Curtis!!!! And now SO YOU! Love you....

Barb said...

My Deets, always have been always will be my hero. I love you.

Janelle said...

You are AMAZING!!! Congratulations on doing 5 marathons!!! I can't even imagine doing 1 let alone 5??? Wear your medals with PRIDE!!!

Katie said...

Rita, you are so funny! Seriously I laughed out loud all by myself reading this... all the while thinking what a fabulous and admirable woman you are! You are truly inspirational!

Amy and Brad said...

You are amazing!

Wayne and Stephanie Carter said... I get it...I thought you ate 4 grand slam Dennys' breakfast specials! ROCK ON!I'm your #1 fan.