Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Kenna!

My cute girly girl turns 11 tomorrow. There are so many things that I love about Kenna and this year I found a fun way to capture her at this time of her life.

I recently came across a website belonging to a super talented girl who likes to doodle. She has a lot of darling freebies that I've used for various things (Primary, T-ball, party invitations, etc.) but she also does drawings for hire. I sent Nikki a couple of pictures of Kenna along with a short list of her traits, hobbies, and interests and voila!! She even drew the cute hoodie Kenna was wearing in one of the pics!

This darling collage and the black and white version cost me a mere $7. I'm going to get it printed and put it in a cute frame tonight. Can't wait to unveil it tomorrow. Check out Nikki's blog. I can highly recommend the cuteness :)


Mandy said...

That is so cute! She will love it :)

Nikki said...

Thank you Rita:) I hope Miss Kenna had a fabulous Birthday! xox Nikki