Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mysteries Solved

Mystery #1--
Alec had a friend over to play last week. When the mom arrived to pick him up, I insisted that the friend stay AND that she leave the little brother who worships Alec. (Incidentally, Alec is *everyone's* BEST friend. A lot of kids want to marry him.) Anyway, they played and loved their fun time.

Five minutes after they left, Kenna discovered her ailing fish was no longer in its tank. Alec then decided it was time to say that the younger brother had taken the fish out of its tank but that he put it right back...Well, he didn't put it right back...Or he went back and got it again when Alec wasn't there and now it was missing.

I called the mom, "Hi, it's Rita. Thanks for letting your cute boys come for a play date. Bye. Oh yeah, your kid might have a dead fish in his pocket." Or something similar to that.

Sunday while doing the laundry, (yes, I'm a bad mormon...a bad mormon with clean laundry) I found what I identified as a dried up, CLEAN, fish head. Yay, no stink in Kenna's room and the sick fish is now swimming in the big aquarium in the sky.

Mystery #2--
For a while now, my truck has been smelling like goat **** or something nasty. I've left windows open, checked garbages, vacuumed, sprayed Febreeze, you name it. Actually, it wasn't actually me who checked the garbages. I had Todd empty garbages in fulfillment of an earned extra job won by fighting/competing with a sibling NINE years his junior.

Well, he missed a spot. Last night I discovered reminders of our bug collection/clean up activity that we and the Carter kids (our spunky cousins) participated in a few weeks ago on the Jordan Parkway. Congratulations again Andy, on finding the biggest snail. I found him once more. Escargot anyone?


Beverly said...

Kids! Don't ya love em.

Colett's Corner said...

You have the best adventures at your house!! Never a dull moment.

Amy and Brad said...

Hilarious! I miss you, Rita!