Sunday, February 19, 2012

In the Newspaper and on TV

The Standard-Examiner ran a story the other day that had two pictures of Todd and me (Brent). The story was about the monthly drum circles that we go to. We knew that a reporter and a photographer from the newspaper had been at the drum circle. But we didn't find out until a month later that not only had the article appeared in the paper, but there were multiple pictures of us. The story ran in the January 30 issue. You can read it on-line here.

The first picture shows most of the participants, including the two of us sitting together drumming:

 The second picture is a close-up of our drums and shows just our hands:

You can click on either picture to get a larger version.

At the next drum circle, a reporter and cameraman from Fox 13 News were there filming the whole thing. Our entire family attended. Tonight (2/19/2012) it aired during a segment called Uniquely Utah. There are a couple of shots of our whole family, and one close shot of Alec. Here is the story:


This is a still shot of our whole family:

We're not exactly on the road to fame and fortune, but it's fun that we've been in the media lately.

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