Sunday, March 4, 2012

Growing Up Fast

Todd participated in "Zion's Camp" last week. The typical Zion's Camp calls for camping, but this year was different. All the young men in the stake spent three days on a pretend mission. They slept at their own homes, but the rest of the time they were at the stake center participating in activities that approximated life as a missionary. Todd was "called" to Denmark. He needed to wear a suit, but didn't have one that fit. So Rita took him to Mr. Mac and got a nice black one. He looked about three years older with it on.

On Friday Todd finally got his braces off. The final results of all those years of discomfort were pretty good. He's got a great smile now. Again, he looks a lot older now that he has them off.

We sure think Todd is a great kid...or should I say "man"? He looks a lot older now.


Barb said...

Let's go with Young Man, I am not ready for the Man yet. What a cool experience. Love the suit we finally got one to fit Ryan which I sure will fit for about two months!! Yeah I am so glad he got his braces off. Although I have never had them they always look like they hurt a lot!

Andrea said...

He is so handsome and there is a boy in my house that wants to look and be just like him when he grows up. I couldn't ask for a better role model for trev! I love Todd!!

Rita said...

Such a handsome boy! Another evidence of his growing up is how great his grades and attitude are right now! Love that kid.