Monday, April 2, 2012

Hunger Games Premiere

As you may know, Kenna and I read the three Hunger Games books together. (Read my review of the first book here.) While I liked them, Kenna loved them. When she learned that they had made the first book into a movie, she started counting down the days until its release. She also made it clear that she wanted to go to the midnight premiere. That sounded like fun to me, and I purchased tickets for her and me almost a month before the event.

Knowing the popularity of the books, we anticipated the premiere would a popular event. Wanting to join in on the excitement of the moment, Kenna thought it would be fun to dress up like characters for the movie. I initially agreed to join her in costume, but then got cold feet as the day got nearer. I had always thought that dressing up like a character is the height of nerdiness. However, a coworker of mine convinced me that I should do it for Kenna because it would make it a memorable moment. I'm glad I listened to him, because he was exactly correct.

Kenna dressed up like Effie Trinket and I dressed up like Seneca Crane. Kenna's costume consisted of a wig, fake eyelashes and tons of makeup. My costume involved growing my hair and beard long and applying a lot of hair dye to both.

As far as I could tell, we were the only ones at the premiere in costume. While at first this made me feel a bit self conscious, that feeling quickly faded as we were basically treated like celebrities by the many Hunger Games fans that were there. In the theater lobby, people were telling us that we looked great and even asked to take their picture with us. When we entered the theater, we drew the attention of the fans in their seats and they actually started applauding us! A large group of fans invited us to sit with them and took several pictures.

We enjoyed the movie a lot, and the events surrounding it even more. Kenna always knows how to make things fun. Now, if she just knew how to get the dye out of my hair!


Barb said...

L*O*V*E it! Your so great, she will always remember it Brent always.

Rita said...

Definitely "Dad of the Year" material. You are terrific.