Saturday, May 26, 2012

Musical Performances

Each of our three kids gave musical performances within a couple of weeks of each other. First was Todd, who played the djembe drum at St. Marguerite School in Tooele on April 26. It was part of an African cultural event that the school used as a fundraiser. Both my parents drove from Orem to watch him. Todd earned a small amount of money for his services, so now he's a real professional.

Next was Kenna who played double bass at the Northern Davis County Monster Concert on May 1. It was called a "Monster Concert" because all the orchestra students from surrounding schools all played at the same time. Unfortunately, they put her and the other bass players way in the back where you can't see her, but we promise she played well. ;)

Last, but not least, was Alec who played the recorder for his 1st grade class for show-and-tell on May 11. His teacher heard that he was learning and requested he give a performance. I wasn't able to attend, but I got his skills on film at our house later that day.

We're proud of our kids and their decision to play musical instruments. We look forward to many more performances in the future.


Scott and Beverly said...

Well done kids. Your musical performances were awesome!

Barb said...

Brent thank you so much for posting these it makes me feel like we aren't missing out as much!