Sunday, June 17, 2012

Adams Canyon Hike

Despite living in Layton, I had never hiked Adams Canyon until yesterday. I had heard a lot about it--Rita and Todd had each hiked it separately--but I hadn't ever gotten around to doing it. The trailhead is within Layton city limits, so there really was no excuse for why I hadn't done it.

I started hiking at 7:40, which seemed pretty early to me. I thought it'd be cool at that time of day and that there wouldn't be many other hikers. I was wrong on both counts. The trail is considerably steeper than I thought it would be, climbing 1,400 feet in two miles. The first leg of the hike has little shade. I was in a full sweat within just a few minutes. The hike is evidently very popular among several different groups. I passed trail runners, dog walkers, couples, single hikers like myself, families and scouts. It felt like half of Davis County was there.

I can see why the hike is so popular. The trail offers a variety of breathtaking scenery. The first scene is just 15 minutes into the hike when the trail meets up with the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. From there, the view of the valley is spectacular.

Brent, with Layton, the Great Salt Lake, and Antelope Island in the background.
After following the Bonneville Shoreline Trail for just a couple of minutes, the hike enters the heart of Adams Canyon. The scenery at that point turns to thick forest as you follow the north fork of Holmes Creek. The hike is just difficult enough to make it interesting, with a lot of boulders and a few steep parts. The highlight of the hike is at the end of the trail when you reach the waterfall.

Brent poses beside the waterfall.
The hike took me two hours, which seemed like the perfect duration for a hike. It was long enough that it felt like an accomplishment, but short enough that I didn't have to make a day of it. I think if I went early enough I could do it on a weekday and still make it to work on time.


Barb said...

Hey I totally want to do this next time we come to visit!! It looks beautiful!

Rita said...

I'm glad you went, cute Brenty. You are great.