Monday, March 9, 2009

I neeeed a plan.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.
- Antoine de Saint Exupery

Way to go, Antoine. You nailed it. Oh yeah, I loved La Petit Prince too. Okay, okay, my goal, er, WISH for too long now has been to ditch some weight. I neeeeeed a plan. I've dropped 8 pounds since January...3 times!!! When I arrive at a certain number which number I will not mention in order to spare you cardiac arrest, I sabotage my own efforts and fall back to indulging in "bad" foods in "VERY BAD" amounts.

What is wrong with me???

I need a plan.

I am up and down in a 3 lb range but can't crawl out of the hole. Don't confuse my problem with the set point theory in which a body is comfortable at a certain weight and resists efforts to drop below that. Nope. This is not physical. This is a serious mental problem...Any suggestions to beat the beast within? I'm running about as much as my schedule and knees can handle but I'm going to try to up my mileage on my short runs. I do pretty well at counting calories during the week but have yet to successfully navigate a weekend without gaining weight. {:*( I'm also very susceptible to evening snacking. Help me, RHONDA...or anyone else.

Satisfied - minus 11 lbs (former Weight Watchers goal that I stayed at for 2 years)
Happy - minus 14 lbs (weight at first St. George Marathon)
Thrilled - minus 17 lbs (probably not since my freshman year at BYU and I was still F-A-T!)


Danette said...

I need a similar plan-- down 4 lbs. since January, can't get past it. But don't call yourself fat-- you are gorgeous, even if you don't see it yourself! (And you do look great...)

Kristen Gregson said...

First of all, Ms. Rita, you are the picture of health and beautiful at the size you are now. Lose 17 lbs. and still consider yourself F-A-T? We need to talk!

To help with evening snacking, I brush my teeth right after dinner. The minty freshness triggers my mind that we're done eating for the night (since we brush right before bed, right?) Plus, I'm too lazy to want to brush again.

Debbie said...

I think you look fabulous! I wouldn't worry about it a day more. You're too hard on yourself, Rita!

Kenna Z. said...

:-I You don't need to loose ANY weight. Ask why? Cause' I love you ;-) ha ha ALEC!!!!!! (Who NEEDS to wear that "dunce cap " I made him!!!!!!

Andrea said...

Here's the thing, no matter what we say, you are still going to think you're fat and need to lose weight. I do this very thing when you're telling me that I am thin! I wish that we didn't feel this way about ourselves. Not that we should just eat all we want (because then I really would eat your entire candy cupboard), but just be more comfortable in our skin. If you find the solution, let me know because I'm searching too. My dream: run and be healthy because it's fun and I like it, not because it will make me skinny.

Atkin Family said...

Is self-acceptance an option?

That's my suggestion -- love your body, big and thin . . . don't give up on it, keep trying, but learn to love what you've got and of course dress for what you've got. You know I say buy the size you ARE now, and make it look great, there ARE clothes that do that (for ALL sizes and budgets). Thank heavens I think you're starting to figure that one out (no pun intended) cause you look FAB in the clothes I've seen you in lately!!!

How many people get run down by the janitor just to tell you that you look amazing???? NOT ME!! I get the grease bags with no teeth, no hair, 70 yrs old, and a long greazy beard, honking next to me in their beat up, rusted Toyota truck.

So STOP hatin' on yourself lady!!! WE LOVE YOU JUST AS YOU ARE - so YOU SHOULD TOO!!! (Bridget Jones anyone?!)

The Bullknitter said...

I thought you looked awesome at the reunion. Maybe you need new mirrors at your house?

Scott said...

I've studies the problems of obesity as much as anyone in the world (OK, that's an overstatement), from a scientific, personal, and motivational point of view.

I can tell you this: If you can come up with a fool-proof plan for motivating yourself to loose weight and keep it off, you will become a multi-millionaire (with proper marketing).

Each person has to find his or her own motivation. And not just once. It's a lifetime project of self-motivation and re-motivation.

How do I know? Because I personally lost a lot of weight (twice) when I had heart problems (twice), and I found that the motivation lasted about six weeks. That is, even fear of death isn't a long-term motivator.

So find your motivation, apply it, enjoy it, and milk it for as long as you can--until the next time you need some motivation. Then move on to something else.

Having said that, here's one principle I believe in: If you don't like your own body, fat or slim, you'll never lose weight and keep it off. The human psyche and the human body response better to love than to hate.

Colett's Corner said...

Weekend eaters......ME TOOOOOOO!