Thursday, March 19, 2009

My new boyfriend, Dyson.

He's handsome.
He's easy to figure out.
He's low-maintenance.
He's upright.
He's hard-working.
And, he CLEANS!

I am so in love.


Kristen Gregson said...

Can the two of you come visit? I'd love to meet him and see his moves. :) He sounds HEAVENLY!

Quincey said...

I've been dating his older brother for a few years now, Dyson in Yellow!! Troy set me up with him. Pretty low maintenance. Easy to hide away when other people come around. Doesn't talk back. Quietly does his job. Kind of the silent, pensive type. I like him a lot!!

(I'm really trying to refrain from making a joke about him sucking. . . didn't think that would be appropriate . . ., but you can fill in your own joke!!!)

Kristen Gregson said...

Yeah, Quincey, and I was trying to refrain from making a comment about him being upright, but you just opened it up to all sorts of questionable comments!! Tee-hee!!

The Bullknitter said...

I've heard about him. He seems to "get around". But noone seems to mind that. I guess there's enough Dyson for everyone.

Scott said...

But he's probably like all us other men: he can't see dirt. (I'm not kidding; I really can't see dirt. At least not like my wife can.) You have to plug 'im in and give him a kick, because he won't clean things up on his own.

Atkin Family said...

Actually, that's EXACTLY what Mr. Dyson is SUPERB at seeing - the dirt-- and getting rid of it for us!!! That's why we loooove him soooo much!