Monday, April 19, 2010

We run.

Function: verb
Meaning to go at a pace faster than a walk
Synonyms dash, gallop, jog, scamper, sprint, trip, trot
Near Antonyms amble, lumber, plod, saunter, shamble, shuffle, stroll; crawl, creep, poke; plod, trudge; hobble, limp

Brent ran the Salt Lake City FULL Marathon on Saturday. He finished in 4:12:29 and set a PR (personal record)!! Yay Brenty-Boo!! You can read his complete race report here.

I did "go at a pace faster than a walk" (plus some other near antonyms) the Salt Lake 1/2 Marathon and finished in 2:29:45 and set a PNSGBNMW (personal not so good but not my worst) time. Yay me!!

Brent's super supportive parents were at the finish line to cheer us both. They are great.

Next up...30K (18.6 miles!!) this Saturday in training for the Ogden Full Marathon just around the corner. YIKES!


Rockelle said...

your amazing!

Janelle said...

You two are incredible!!! Way to go!!!

Mandy said...

Yor amazing Rita! I need to get in better shape...I miss running with you!

Colett's Corner said...

You are an inspiration Rita. WE really miss you guys.

Jana said...


The Bullknitter said...

See Brent run. See Rita run. Yayyyy Brent and Rita. You guys are awesome.

Amy and Brad said...

Seriously. Amazing. I cannot even fathom that much running. You are so awesome!

Scott said...

How great it was to be there to see you both come in! I hope I can run the Odgen HALF marathon faster than you guys run the FULL marathon so I'm there to see you come in again!

Deanna Quinton Larson said...

You two ROCK!!! So impressed!