Monday, May 31, 2010

Bye-bye JellyBean Junction

For the past two years, Alec has loved being a student at JellyBean Junction Preschool. We attended the "graduation" program last week. Here are some of the cute pictures from our fun night.
1. With Teacher Sara, the most patient, happy person on the earth.
2. Giving us a wink and the thumbs up.
3. Playing his part as Papa Bear in one of the skits.
4. Licking off his Baby Bumble Bee in one of the songs.
5. With Teacher Grandma, a great classroom helper.


Katie said...

Congrats Alec! Now tell him to stop getting older!

Melissa said...

JellyBean Junction looked like such a great place. No way that he could be going to kindergarten next year! Yes, tell him to stop growing up:)

Amy and Brad said...

The wink and thumbs up pic is killing me! How can our babies be 'graduating' preschool, Rita?!