Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ken Ben turns Ten.

On May 10, 2000, Kenna Marleen joined our family. She is the great girl filling in our kid sandwich between two pieces of crazy bread brothers.

Kenna turned 10 on the 10th so here are 10 things I love about Kenna:
10. She is smart but also conscientious and hard-working.
9. Kenna loves to learn. She recently went on a trip to New Mexico with Brent and completed many requirements to earn three Jr. Ranger badges. When she got home, she wrote a trip report about the places she visited.
8. Kenna is a friend to many. When I visit her classroom, she seems like a people magnet.
7. Kenna is tender. She inherited a soft heart from her momma. (Why do I cherish it in here and devalue it in myself?!)
6. Kenna has a quick wit. She is fast to make funny connections and observations.
5. Kenna is forbearing. She is able to set aside immediate wants for another's (usually a crazy brother!) benefit.
4. Kenna is creative. Sometimes this means messy but she loves crafting, drawing, writing, imagining etc.
3. Kenna is a great companion. She's always up for a jaunt to Target or a TV show snuggle. I just love having her around.
2. Kenna's smile and laugh are beautiful and contagious.
1. Kenna is my daughter--my only one. Of my infinite dreams for her, I hope most that she will understand how completely I love her.

Happy Birthday, Kenny Benny!


Debbie said...

Oh, she is sweet. Much of her reminds me of Katie.

We have a similar photo of KT in a white wicker chair at about this age.

Andrea said...

I have loved watching her blossom into a beautiful young woman. She is helpful, kind, and funny. My kids love her and so do I. Happy Birthday to my favorite "nenna."

Katie said...

Happy Birthday, Kenna! Rita, did I ever tell you she looks just like a cute little Strawberry Shortcake doll? She is soooo beautiful! You're going to be in trouble, you know that right? Tell Brent to get the baseball bat ready for when she hits jr. high to scare little boys away. Or just keep her a little girl for ever and ever. What a sweetheart!

Kristen said...

What a doll! Happiest Birthday wishes to Kenna!

Colett's Corner said...

I remember that cute baby face. What a doll and growing up so fast. She is so much like you Rita. Tell her Happy Bday! Probably the best Mother's Day gift you ever got!

Beverly said...

Love you Kenna.

Amy and Brad said...

Happy b-day to Kenna! What a sweet, smart, talented girl! Hope she had a fantastic birthday!

Deanna Quinton Larson said...

Such a beauty! Happy Birthday, Kenna!

Jana said...

Rita, she sounds just like you! What a precious gift a daughter is. Happy birthday Kenna! Enjoy being 10.

Scott said...

Happy birthday, Kenna! When are we doing on a trip together again! What a fun trip to New Mexico.

Melissa said...

Happy {Golden} Birthday Kenna! It's your golden birthday when you turn the age of the date - so turning 10 on the 1oth:) Hope you had a great day. And did you get the birthday note that Grace sent you? she was very excited to send it to you (even if it was a few days late).