Monday, May 24, 2010

Eating is such an inconvenience... my kids.

What is the deal with that? When I call them to dinner, reactions mirror those you might expect of an interrupted golfer studying a to-be winning putt.

At the other extreme, is me. I want to eat all the time. Food is a handkerchief for my tears, a damper on my temper, a filler of my free time, my nearly constant companion. Sadly, my body's genetic propensity is not compatible with this love of all things starchy and chocolaty so I run in order to balance the scale (pun intended) of my eating and health/self-esteem. Yeah, I run but let's be honest, there aren't enough miles of road in North America to compensate for my caloric addiction. What's a girl to do?? Willpower, willpower, wherefore art thou willpower? (crickets chirping)

Weight Watchers it is...again. :( Wish me luck...or willpower...Yeah, wish me willpower.


Debbie said...

You look beautiful, Rita!

My kids act the same way at dinnertime. It can be so discouraging. After-school and bedtime snacks - on the other hand - are completely necessary and always well-received.

Deanna Quinton Larson said...

You are such a gorgeous woman! You're hard work has paid off.
I totally understand the call of the chocolate. I think it has made it's own neurotransmitter in my brain that fires continuously. Is there a medication for that?

Kristen said...

I completely understand and feel your pain, Rita. While I did lose 10 lbs. training for the half, I wonder what I could have lost if I actually controlled my eating. My weaknesses are sugar in any form and eating after dinner. Poor habits/emotional eating for sure. Since I've eased back on my running since the race, I worry that the weight will start creeping back on. UGH!

The Bullknitter said...

Sending you all my willpower, since it's not doing me any good :)

Katie said...

Rita, you crack me up. I'm the same. Breakfast is my motivation out of bed in the morning, my wet and soggy shoulder, my lover... sometimes. At least you run to balance it. I just sit on the couch. ;) If I have any willpower laying around, I'll be sure to send it your way. But for the time being, it's hiding from me.

Colett's Corner said...

I think you are BEAUTIFUL! My kids never want to eat either. Wish I had their energy.