Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer so far--Part 1.

It hasn't been quite a month since my last post but I feel like we've lived an entire lifetime since then. Every summer I look forward to my job-free days but I seem to be much busier than during the school year in my attempts to savor my "vacation". Here are some of the big and little things that have been filling our days for the last three weeks.

Todd Plays Baseball
Todd played baseball for the Giants of Layton City this year. The season was nettled with rain-outs and subsequent make-up games so we were all happy to see the end of it. It's been difficult for Todd to continue in sports as the competition increases with age. Most of the "in it for fun" kids have chosen other activities by now so lots of the players left are very skilled. Even the parent volunteer coaches are set on winning and substitute their players accordingly. Todd likes to win too, of course, but he doesn't commit the time and practice (and didn't get much in the athletic biological propensity department) that other kids do so he sits on the bench more than he would like. It's a hard lesson for him.

Alec Swims
Alec took swimming lessons again at the Clearfield Aquatic Center. Although they weren't in the same class, it was fun that cousins Skylar and Trevor were there at the same time. Like Todd and Kenna, Alec is timid in the water but I've seen evidence that he learned a lot in his short stint because he loves to practice and show off the skills he was worked on in class. My kudos and respect went to his teacher. She handled the seven very active students with patience and calm. Not to brag but rather to illustrate what she was managing, Alec was by far the most obedient and attentive...YIKES! There is a special place in swimming lesson heaven for those who school the 4-year-olds.

Kenna Stays in School
I know a lot of people like the year 'round school schedule but I am not one. Kenna has been a good sport about going to bed early and getting to school on time but it's it's hard to send her when the rest of us are on party time. I also wonder at the benefit of sending her at all during the last several weeks. I'm all for a little fun near the end of the year but it seems to me the the year 'round schedule promotes a longer "coasting" period. The end of Kenna's fourth grade was filled with programs, school Olympics, Field Day (not pictured) and a field trip to the This is the Place Monument/Pioneer Park. On a positive note, I was glad to participate in each of these fun events since I was off.

Stay tuned...lots more updates to come!


Mandy said...

Happy you are home...we have missed seing your smiling faces around!!

Rockelle said...

I feel like my summer is crazy too. I almost cant wait for the school year so things can calm down. HAHA

Beverly said...

What wonderful summer activities; what wonderful kids!

Colett's Corner said...

Cute pictures Rita

Amy and Brad said...

Love the updates and the pics!