Friday, July 23, 2010

Who is this handsome guy?

This cool dude is my nephew Davion. I love him. I hope he doesn't mind if I introduce him to you.

Davion was born exactly a week after Todd. He was my first and favorite nephew right from the start! Davion and his mom, Sue, lived very close to us until Davion was three years old. Suzanne attended beauty school while I was in graduate school and we depended on each other for child care and sanity. This sanity thing didn't always work out but the child care did. The boys absolutely adored each other and were even mistaken as twins frequently!

Sue got re-married shortly after Davion turned three. They moved to Mexico to be with her husband who would attend medical school there. I cried and cried and cried. I was sad to see Sue leave but I was devastated to let go of Davion. It still makes me misty to remember my intense longing that he not go.

Davion was able to visit over the years and I often wondered and worried that the magic bond between he and Todd would be gone or at least noticeably weaker. It has never happened. For years their interests were nearly identical despite the miles between them but even now that some of their hobbies have diverged, they behave as two halves of each other. I am grateful that Todd has such a deep connection to such a wonderful kid.

Davion is very smart. He reads a lot and understands much of learning and life. He seems like a reserved, quiet guy but lets show his wit and dry humor often. I love to hear his infrequent but genuine and contagious laugh. He is pleasant and polite and just plain wonderful.

This summer Davion came to visit with his mom and brothers. Sue and the younger boys stayed for three weeks and Davion was here for nearly seven weeks. He was at our home for about 95% of that time and we loved every minute of it. He even made his third trek to Canada with us. He is a part of us and I love him. Davion returned home to Louisiana on Thursday and I've been a little weepy ever since. This post was supposed to help me cathart but mostly I just feel lonely for him. Love you, kiddo.


Beverly said...

Thanks for taking such good care of him.

Scott said...

Davion IS a great kid; so it Todd. Thanks for being such a great aunt to Davion.

Amy and Brad said...

How sweet! I'm gonna have to agree that you are a great Aunt...'cause you're pretty much great at anything you do!