Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Taylor Swift Concert with Kenna

If you've seen the posters on the walls in Kenna's room then you'll know that she is a huge fan of Taylor Swift. For her birthday this year I bought tickets for her and me (Brent) to go to Taylor's concert at Energy Solution Arena.

Kenna's birthday was way back in May and the concert was in September. I think she counted down the days until the concert for the whole four months! I knew that tickets to the show were a hot commodity--the concert sold out in less than an hour--so as the date grew closer I looked on-line to see how much they were selling for. The typical re-sell price was about $100 a seat. I told Kenna that if she sold her ticket she could keep the money, but she didn't even think twice about it...She wanted to go to the concert!

Kenna really knows how to plan. She had all the details of the concert worked out ahead of time. She ordered a Taylor Swift t-shirt to wear. She bought some glow sticks at the dollar store. She thought to bring a camera and other items. (I'm not sure how she knew what to bring to a concert--I certainly didn't know.) She also planned for us to take the Frontrunner train to the concert and get something to eat ahead of time, but unfortunately my work schedule didn't allow us enough time for that.

I have been to the Energy Solutions Arena for plenty of basketball games, but I have to say I can't think of a basketball game that was as loud as the concert. The fans were intense. When they all cheered it was impressive. There was a period as the show was getting started that they maintained a deafening scream for about ten minutes.

Taylor Swift doesn't sing the kind of music that a lot of middle-aged men listen to--I would guess that fewer than 10% of the people at the concert were male, and most of them were younger than I was--but, I enjoyed myself nonetheless. The music was high-quality, the pyrotechnics and acrobatics were entertaining, and being with Kenna was a blast. She sang almost every word to every song and just soaked up every aspect of the event. Like I always say: Everything is funner with Kenna!


Beverly said...

How fun! I agree, everything IS funner with Kenna. Thanks for the post.

Mandy said...

Too Cute! What a lucky girl!

Andrea said...

This post made me cry! There aren't a lot of dads out there that will sit through a concert with their kid. I hope I can be as mindful and thoughtful with my kids as you are with yours.

Rita said...

Best. Dad. Ever.