Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I can do it myself...or maybe not.

One of my numerous vices is that I hate to ask for help. I wear being independent like a badge, a really heavy badge. Wednesday my truck died TWICE and I had to enlist help from strangers at a restaurant, my friend's father-in-law, and finally my principal. My principal spent quite a while trying to fix things before he gave up and drove me to AutoZone to buy a new battery. He is such a nice man and only cringed/snickered a little at my corroded battery posts and lack of mechanical prowess/interest. Today I gave him a note with some candy.
It was nice of you to

to help me with my car's
You were a real

Hopefully I learn the lesson the universe is trying to teach me and I'll lose a little of my stubborn, egotistic self-suffiency.


Scott said...

So nice of you to make the candy-bar note for your principle--sorta like Michael Scott's candy-bar presentation to Ryan's business class on The Office.

I'm always willing to help you--if you promise not to give me candy bars until I lose 30 more pounds.

Atkin Family said...

Hey Rita- weren't you with me that time in Raymond when my grey car had a flat tire and we had to fix it ourselves (after a dance)? I think someone finally tried to help. Or, how about when my blue truck broke down on the way to a football game and Alan Nish blew by us even though we were in the middle of the highway waving our hands? You see, that's why we don't rely on others -- because they're typically not very reliable. It's a good way to be, don't change it!!

RITA said...

Oh my gosh, I completely forgot about both of those instances of car trouble. That's exactly why I hate asking for help!! Ha ha. Alan Nish. Dork.

Debbie said...

I am similar in this way - asking for help outside my family - is so hard for me. I had to borrow dried basil from a neighbor, does that count?

I love your clever idea for the principal too, Rita. Cute!