Sunday, August 17, 2008

Kenna can't drive.

Brent told me about something cute that Kenna did while I was out of town at my 20 year reunion. It made him smile but also feel a little useless.

Kenna saw a shirt in a weekly ad and asked Brent if he would drive her to ShopKo to see it. She took a copy of the ad and asked a salesperson where she could find the shirt. She chose her correct size and tried it on in a fitting room. She didn't even bother to okay the fit or style with Brent. She took the shirt to the checkout and purchased it with her own money. It's DARLING and so is she! Brent chuckled and admitted that the only purpose he filled in the whole event was to drive her to the store. What a grown up little honey!


Amy and Brad said...

Sorry to be commenting on every single post - I realize that is a bit obnoxious. But this Kenna story is so cute! What a little self-starter! I am impressed.

Beverly said...

What an amazing girl Kenna is.

Scott said...

I can't even do that yet. Maybe I should have Kenna help me buy my clothes.

--A proud grandfather.