Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Zimmerman Grandkids

It has been said that

are life's reward for not killing
your children.

Scott and Beverly must have had it tough raising seven kids but I'm glad they plugged through. The Zimmerman genes mixed well with the lucky seven spouses they chose :-)

They're not my grandkids but it is super fun being an auntie to these beautiful, intelligent, crazy nieces and nephews. They are my children that didn't leave stretchmarks and that I don't have to fight put to bed at night. I love them.

Top to bottom and left to right, they are:
Kylie-13, Todd-11, Davion-11, Dani-11, Jacob-8, Kenna-8, Jeniel-7, Gehrig-6, David-4, Skylar-4, Alec-3, Xavier-2, Grace-2, Abbey-2, Trevor-1, June-1, Gabriel-0.5.

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Scott said...

Don't you just LOVE seeing all those grandkids? I love every last big and little one of 'em.