Sunday, August 17, 2008


Considering that I am a former Home Economics teacher, it is CRAZY (okay, PATHETIC) how many of our dinners are provided by the rampant (and eeevil) FAST FOOD industry. (Why would anyone cook when you can get a pizza at Little Ceasar's for $5?!)

I don't have the will to enforce a 'this is what we're having for dinner and if you don't like it you can go hungry' rule and we can all find something we like on the lighted McDonald's menu board.

Does it count as a family meal if we eat our McFOOD on our dining room table together?


Lynette said...

I say it counts!!! But if it wasn't for Taco Del Mar and Costa Vida...we might never eat as a family!

Sheesh...pretty pathetic I agree!!!

Glad to know it is not only me!!!

Amy and Brad said...

It totally counts at our house.

Beverly said...

I love that kid! He's so much like his dad.

Sheri said...

Ok, so I'm going to post one comment about all three posts about the kids: they are all so fun and cute! (Or maybe being called 'cute' at Todd's age still isn't cool.) I love the blog--thanks for posting the pictures and updates.