Sunday, June 21, 2009

Best Dad Ever

Happy Father's Day, Brenty-Boo!
Brent's unusual stance in this photo is in response to several previous midsection shots taken after Alec asked to snap a picture of Brent. This image says a lot about Brent as a dad...
  • Brent gladly gave our 3-year-old a short "push here" tutorial before allowing him to manhandle our pricey camera. Brent is a patient teacher and always puts his kids above possessions.
  • Brent adjusts to accomodate the needs, wants, and skills of our children without complaint or concern for his own convenience.
  • Brent encourages our kids in whatever they want to try. Can't you see the, "Yeah. Like that!" in his eyes?
  • Brent's expression also depicts his best personal quality. He is the most accepting father and person one could ever know. The kids and I will never doubt his complete love for any of us.
I love you, Brent. Thank you for being a wonderful dad to our wonderful children.


Beverly said...

Happy Father's Day, Brent. Your kids sure are lucky to have you as a dad.

Kenna Z. said...

dad ever!!!! ;)

Andrea said...

Happy Father's Day! You are a wonderful dad and brother!

Scott said...

Are we talking about the same Brent Zimmerman? Yes! What a wonderful man!

Sheri said...

Happy Father's Day Brent! I've always thought my brothers were GREAT dads!