Saturday, June 20, 2009

TRI this!

Brent participated in the Provo Triathlon today. He slept overnight at his brother's house in Orem and I woke up early this morning and drove down to be his cheerleader (an old, fat, unpopular version) and photographer.
SWIM-1500 meters 47:57
InUtah Lake Brent made sure not to open his mouth too wide to avoid getting a carp stuck in his lungs and swam strong. He's been training in a pool and said that the lake was a killer. Not the least of the ardor was cold water (about 65 degrees) and trying to stay straight on the open course. He was a little dizzy when he came out of the water but got his footing and moved to the transition area just fine.
BIKE-40 km 1:19:19
Brent looooooved racing his new bike. The course had a few issues but was great for spectators because it was a lapped route. The Olympic length riders had to make 4 loops and Brent looked strong on every pass. It was a little embarrassing when he shed a tear and kissed his bike goodbye before transitioning to the run.
RUN-10 km 56:42
At his point I left to get a drink--yeah, I'm back ON Diet Dr. Pepper, dangit. The run was also a looped course and I made it back with my 44oz pal in time to see Brent several times. His run time would have been a stretch for me to achieve without swimming and biking beforehand. He's great.

Yay, Brent!! His final time was 3:10:40 and a PR by 8 minutes! His next triatholon is the SPUDMAN in Burley, Idaho on July 25th.


bdz132 said...

You can view my race report here.

Thanks, Rita for the support and pictures. It was such a great surprise!

Deanna Quinton Larson said...

Truly impressive! And look at those "guns"! Way to go Brent!!!

Scott said...

Congratulations, Brent! Awesome job.

Rita: I am going to hire you to take pictures if I ever to a triathlon again. I have exactly zero pictures of me swimming or coming out of the swim from my several triathlons.

Colett's Corner said...

Way to go Brent. Jeff and didn't even recognize you in your bike gear the other day unti you were past us. Just thought you were a cool lookin friendly biker.

Beverly said...

Congratulations, Brent. What an awesome time!

Andrea said...

Awesome job! I'd love to come and watch you do a tri sometime!

Russ said...

Very nice! Congrats on the PR.

Jana said...

Way to go Brent -- very impressive! What an awesome, supportive wife, Deets!! You 2 are such great examples for your kids of active living and challenging yourselves to do hard things -- good on ya!