Saturday, June 13, 2009

Goodbye, Grandpa Keith.

Last week we had the opportunity to attend the funeral of Brent's grandma's husband, Keith Adamson. Keith and Ardell were married for 18 years after both lost their first spouses. They enjoyed many happy years together and were serving a mission in England when Brent and I got married. I was excited to meet them when they returned but we could hardly find them home and even more rarely, visit with them alone. They were a social hub and fun-loving couple. They kept a beautiful home and maintained an incredible garden that we have several plants from. Keith's health failed a few years ago and we hadn't seen him much. He was 90 years old and it was a blessing to attend his funeral and hear stories of his younger years and the tributes from children and grandchildren. The loveliest part of the day was being able to spend a little time with sweet Grandma Zimmerman. We love her so much and she will miss Keith.


Scott said...

Thanks for the nice post and wonderful photos. When Keith was well, he was a jewel of a man.

Melissa said...

It was great to attend his funeral and learn how wonderful Keith was. I don't feel like a knew him very well, but I definitely remember him being a loving man. He will be missed.

Amy and Brad said...

What a nice tribute. So sorry for your loss.