Thursday, January 8, 2009

Addendum to The Shopping Trip

In her comments, Quincey reminded me of two things I learned and forgot to mention about my educational spending spree.

1. Layering clothes is a great way to mix and match outfits. A solid shirt or sweater paired with solid pants can be a little drab but if you put a collar under the shirt or sweater and then a jacket, it's a very put-together outfit. Be proud of me Quincey, today I wore all clothes that I previously owned...dark jeans, brown sweater, green shirt, brown jacket. NO 8" thick clogs. Yay, me.

2. As you become a certain age, or size, or body composition, or ALL THREE (me), it is important to wear clothes that have a nice, sturdy structure. The structure can be provided by the fabric or cut of the clothing but also by the layering effect. Very helpful to camouflage problem areas because the fabric skims, rather than hugs your shape.

Okay, okay. The best part of the addendum to the enlightening and productive (read expensive) trip was that I returned yesterday to Banana Republic with my receipts and got an additional $25 off because a few of the items had dropped in price within the allotted price adjustment time period. Woo hoo. I bought another shirt with my "saved" money. (Which I realize isn't really saving money at all but it made me happy and it is a very nice shirt.)


Scott said...

Thanks for the additional tips. I'll try to buy white shirts and ties with a little more form so as to hide the huge pear-shaped, elephantis body of mine.

Debbie said...

Great pointers, Rita!

Atkin Family said...

I love it, Rita, you're such a quick learner!! Now did the clogs actually make it to the garbage -- or did you just not wear them that day??? C'mon, trust me on this one -- they have NO business in your closet!!! I too, just took back some receipts from BR and got a credit of $12 -- hey -- I'll take whatever I can!! K -- now it's my turn -- can you teach me to cook and not get totally overwhelmed and anxious in a grocery store??? Please - I'm pathetic -- just cause I could throw together a hamburger dish with Campbells soup in the dorm days, doesn't mean I can cook!!!

Amy and Brad said...

Keep these tips comin' as you think of them, Rita and Quincey! TOTALLY helpful! I am seriously taking notes :)