Monday, January 5, 2009

Time for movin' on.

Alec moved from Senior Nursery to Primary yesterday. Kenna went from Junior to Senior Primary and Todd is officially out of Primary now. My little kids are growing up. I'd like to think that their old teachers will miss them and that the new teachers will love them, but who knows. Fulfilling my motherly duty, I asked about the new teachers. Todd and Kenna didn't have much to say on the topic and Alec only remembered his teacher's name:

It's Jones...
No, it's Sister Jones...
Like Andiana (how he says Indiana) Jones!

Come to think of it, a bullwhip and gun
might come in handy when
dealing with a bunch of 3-year-olds.


Beverly said...

Ha Ha. Ha. That's what Alec's Primary teacher will need when he's a Blazer!

Scott said...

The whole church is praying for the Prophet. Heck,I think the whole church should be praying for the primary teachers of little boys.

Debbie said...

Great post, Rita. Super cute!

I agree with Scott's comment about little boys. I am always on pins and needles, wondering what I'll hear next about Daniel in Primary.

Amy and Brad said...

So cute! We are also officially out of nursery now (Jacob is now in Sunbeams) - such a rite of passage!

And, regarding Debbie's comment, we have a Daniel who gives his Primary teachers a run for their money, too! Must be the name :)