Saturday, January 31, 2009

Words to live least for a while.

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intransitive verb

to do the first part of an action : go into the first part of a process
transitive verb
to set about the activity of: start
commence, start, initiate,
mean to take the first step in a course, process, or operation

to continue despite difficulties, opposition, or discouragement
synonyms carry on, persist
related words
hang on; follow through; knuckle down

near antonyms give up, quit, surrender, yield; falter, hesitate, vacillate, waver

transitive verb
surpass in accomplishment or achievement
intransitive verb
to be distinguishable by superiority,
to be greater, better, or stronger than

I love to observe and learn from others' examples. I used to view this as a personal lack of ingenuity, effort, and/or creativity. But in trying to embrace my otherwise appearing dull laziness, I just make sure to give credit to the brilliant mind and talent I seek to imitate.

A year or two ago, my sister-in-law came up with her own alternative to New Year's resolutions. She chose one word to use as her daily inspiration for tackling the big and small, daily and once-in-a-lifetime encounters throughout her year. I thought it was a lovely idea--kind of like wearing an inspirational vinyl sticker saying on your heart (ha ha, sorry for the jab if you're a sticky words lovin' sort). Anyway, I'm going to copy sweet Andrea's idea this year. I couldn't be succinct enough to stick to one word (stop laughing, I know, I'm a little talky) so I chose three. They are simple but will help me in each task phase of each area of my life--personal, familial, physical, and professional.


Andrea said...

Those are great words! I hope remember them and think about them this year, because although I came up with my word, I didn't do too great using it to my benefit. I guess I am good at beginning, but not perservering.

Update on the blog how it goes.

Kristen Gregson said...

Fantastic idea. I really like that.

Scott said...

Great words. They could apply to all of us.

My three words: teach, invite, support. As a full-time missionary, these three words express my goal and purpose.

Colett's Corner said...

I thought you did a great job today. Many watch you as well. Look at your list of followers. Thanks for being an inspiration

The Bullknitter said...

Once again, you are inspiring.

Erin said...

Great words to live by.

Debbie said...

Loooove this. It makes me want to think of 3 words to live by. I'm "talky" too so I might need a few more than 3. You are an inspiration, Rita.

Jana said...

Thanks for the inspiration! I love this idea and may have to find my own "words to live by" this year!

Deanna Quinton Larson said...

What a great idea! Do you post them around you or put them on a dream board to help remind you?