Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Shopping Trip

Here is the proof that I mentally survived my day of shopping with my sweet friend, Quincey. In fact, I LOVED our day together and not just because she is so fun to be around but because she found and convinced me (not difficult) to buy a lot of stuff that I feel sort of cute in. Including a renewed motivation to treat myself now-and-then, here's the list of what I came away with:
  • 6 pairs of pants-1 dark gray, 1 medium gray, 1 dark brown, 1 black, 1 dark tan, 1 denim
  • 4 shirts-1 long-sleeved white, 1 long-sleeved dark green, 1 short-sleeved purple, 1 red v-neck with cool sleeves
  • 2 very nice pairs of shoes-1 black Mary Jane heel, 1 black open-toed heel
  • 6 sweaters-1 black turtle neck, 1 black v-neck, 1 black short scoop neck, 1 teal short scoop neck, 1 purple scoop neck, 1 red scoop neck
  • 1 very nice belt
  • 2 very nice jackets-1 black, 1 medium gray
Wow, huh! Actually, this is just what I got from Banana Republic, a store I had never set foot in because of its reputation for being expensive. I purchased 1 item that wasn't on a terrific sale--the very nice belt--and everything was an additional 20% off the lowest marked-down price. Many of the clothes were cheaper than comparable items I would have purchased at Target or some low end store, like ShopKo. (Don't worry, I've repented, Quincey.) I was also under the impression that clothes at BR only look good on tall, size 0 people. Nope. They fit middle-aged fatties too! Yay, me! I also got 3 pairs of jeans from Nordstrom Rack.

Things I Learned from the Shopping Clinical Psychologist
You know on "What Not To Wear" when they come out at the end in the darling outfits and show you what each item cost? I am always agog at the price of one crazy expensive item-- a very plain sweater, the shoes, a handbag, or jewery. I figured out why. You can splurge on a couple of items, a very nice belt, for intance, if it is going to make the affordable, cute outfit considerably better or if it will be worn with many outfits. Totally worth it.

You've noticed my reference to some very nice things that I purchased. Because I'm not much of a shopping or clothes connesieur, Quincey had to continually remind me of the excellent quality of the items I was trying on and/or considering. It was a funny little joke by the end. I was clueless that the nicer quality of fabrics, cuts, and styles would make such a difference in how I looked and felt in the clothes.

I also learned that very nice items do not have to be expensive. Shop sales. Buy basics that will go together.

Try on outfits. I try on and purchase a pair of pants or shirt here-or-there. I try to keep in mind what I have or buy that might go with the item I'm trying on but sometimes I'm disappointed when the item doesn't look great with what I thought I would pair it with. Quincey had me try on things that I'd already decided to buy with different items to see how they all meshed. Very smart.

There is something that will look good on you. Camouflage problem spots, emphasize strengths. I am going to give up my constant desire to be a different weight, height, size, shape. Enough already--What a drain. I'm all for self-improvement but there's got to be a healthy medium between striving for something better and being happy right now.

Thanks for the schooling, Quince. It was an Awesome Blossom--extra awesome--day. You are a beautiful, smart, kind person and I love ya!


Debbie said...

You found some awesome clothes that look great on you too, Rita.

I learned some things reading this post. I shop in a similar to how you have in the past. It probably comes from lack of time and little ones in tow.

The hosts of "What Not to Wear" would be impressed too!

Atkin Family said...

You look FAN"FREAKIN"TASTIC Rita --I love the middle picture outfit. Wow -- you look both HOT (not hot "trashy" but hot "classy") and SOPHISTICATED at the same time! You forgot to other important things: layering clothes and buying clothing with STRUCTURE which can hold things in place and give you a SHAPE!!! I'm so glad you got the jackets in the smaller sizes, they're VERY NICE!!! Let me know when you're ready for SUMMER shopping!!! (PS., be sure to go back within 14 days for any lower price adjustments they may have, all you need is your receipt!) :)

Shelley said...

Who knew shopping could be so much fun!! Looks like a productive day at the mall. You look great. I'll have to see if Quincey makes house calls to Canada.

Kristen Gregson said...

Can Quincey be my personal shopper too? Clothes shopping stresses me out and I have a hard time finding things that go together. I make the mistake of thinking things need to be matchy matchy all the time. You look great! Congrats on a successful, fun, and flattering shopping voyage!

Mandy said...

You are so dang cute! Im glad you had a good time. Would Quincey like to do an enrichment class?

Amy and Brad said...

What a great and educational post! And, even better, what a GREAT new wardrobe! You look fantastic, Rita! I think Stacy and Clinton would be proud (and I also think that Quincey could easily moonlight as a stylist!)

Lynette said... are so dang cute! It is not even fair!!! For reals!!! Love your new outfits, they really look GREAT on you!!! I am soo jealous!!! I need a shopper too!!! I HATE clothes shopping!!! And great attitude about accepting yourself!!! Wish I could do that too!!!

Jana said...

Deets--you look gorgeous!! What a fun girls-day-out! Thanks for the awesome tips you learned from stylist Quincey -- awesome work Quince!! I can see I need a trip to Utah to meet with Quincey instead of trying to convince my kids to "secretly" film me and send me in to "What Not to Wear". I also see a good excuse for Brent to take you out on a few more dates to show off the new you! Have fun with your new wardrobe, you really look fantastic!

Deanna Quinton Larson said...

You've always been so incredibly beautiful but with the new outfits you've added an extra dimension! I love those mary janes! You look FABULOUS, my dear!!!

The Bullknitter said...

I really don't get the whole "pear" thing, Rita. I think you look awesome and should just stop looking at the world in terms of shapes. The clothes do look great and I bet Quincy could start a tv show that Stacy and Clinton would want to be on.

Scott said...

I'm so glad to get all this excellent information on shopping.

My problem is deciding each day what to wear. Like today, I went with a white shirt, dark slacks, a tie, and black shoes and black sox. It was a hard choice, but I made the executive decision and went with it.

Elder Zimmerman

P.S. You always look great to me.

bdz132 said...

I wish I would have been home when you took all these pictures. It would have been a fun fashion show.

Is the necklace new? I try to encourage you to wear them.

Anonymous said...

Love the new threads! You look fantastic! I think I need to go shopping with Quincey sometime... Or, I could just go with her new protege... ;)