Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mr. Incredible

Brent's got some serious super powers not the least of which is enduring a less-than-ideal spouse. (I'm no Elastigirl, that's for sure! I'm as inflexible in mind and spirit as I am physically!) To commemorate our upcoming anniversary, I've compiled an abridged list of what makes Brent my Mr. Incredible.
Since I've given him more than one IQ test, I can objectively say that Brent is a smarty pants! I love that he is so nerdy, I mean, intelligent. He reads only non-fiction books and likes an intellectual debate or discussion.
Okay, I admit to using the thesaurus for this one but I needed to say that Brent is funny. He is so funny--like almost as funny as he thinks he is. He can make me laugh and our senses-of-humor are spookily similar some days. I love his jokes and I love that he loves his jokes.
Brent is energetic in the physically active way. He plays basketball a few times a week and runs. Being active was never a habit or priority for me. I have learned that taking care of your physical self requires effort but offers many rewards. He is a good example to me and the kids in this area...and he's a great running partner if you can keep up to his long stride and stand to listen to his constantly cracking ankles.
Nice is too trite a word to describe Brent's deep kindness. Two weeks after our wedding and on the day of our Utah reception, Brent did something that angered me. His mom knew that I was upset and sweetly assured me that Brent would never intentionally hurt me or anyone, for that matter. (Code for: He's dumb, not mean.) Beverly's wise words ring in my ears when I am grumpy with Brent. He has never been mean. He is my safe, soft spot. I love him.
Brent is good at a lot of things that are not be easily showcased at a talent show but are very admirable and valuable to me and our family. He is a great problem solver. He's made me technologically lazy because I know that he will fix anything wrong with our computer. He sings well. He plays the piano a little. He's very coordinated. He draws. He's good at nearly anything he tries. It's fun to watch him in action.

I love you, Mr. Incredible. Thanks for being my superhero. xoxox


Andrea said...

What a cute post! He is a great guy...and having run 4 marathons with him, the ankle popping isn't that bad!

Debbie said...

I can feel the love you have for Brent. And I so enjoy how you can be loving and honest in the same sentence. It's one of my favorite things about you, Rita.


Amy and Brad said...

What a nice post!

Happy Anniversary!

Stephanie Pilling Carter said...

Hee hee hee I have to show a lot of people this guy because it's so funny! My kids eyes are like...I think I I know him...I want to know that UNCLE BRENTY?
~Your blog is so fancy & funny JUST LIKE YOU SISTER!

bdz132 said...

I draw?? I guess my handwriting does resemble abstract art.

You are too nice. Very clever post. Thank you for 16 wonderful years. XOXOX

Beverly said...

That's the "Brentie Boo" I love, all right. He's awesome.

Scott said...

I had to check the website two or three times to make sure I was reading about my son. Or I thought maybe you had dumped the Brent I know and married a different one.

JUST KIDDING!! He's a wonderful guy and always has been. (However, see my comment to your post on what mothers do with their time.)

I have to say that you didn't mention per se some of his other wonderful talents and hobbies--astronomy, politics, scuba diving, chess, math and science, etc. He's a regular Renaissance man.