Saturday, January 3, 2009

Meet my boss.

It's no secret that Big A is runnin' the show around here. He is totally in charge and constantly reminds us all of the fact. In a rare moment last week, I convinced him that we both needed naps and should be snuggle buddies on my bed.

Alec: Mom, can I hold your hair?
(No, he doesn't have a sensory disorder. He's just a silky-hair-lovin' mamma's boy. That's much better, right?)
Me: Yes, Honey.
Alec: Can you turn over?
Me: Yes, Sweetie.
I turn my back to him and spread my hair out on the pillow. --1 minute of quiet--
Alec: Mom, will you hold my hand?
Me: Yes, Honey. Do you want me to turn back over?
Alec: Yes, please.
Hey! He said please! I turn over and take his hands.
Alec: No. Like this. I turn over and you put your hand here.
He puts his back to me and stretches my right hand over his body to hold both of his hands.
Alec: There. Now, you pat my back.
Me: Okey-dokey, Sweetest. I love you. You're my best little guy.
Alec: I love you too. You're my best mom.

The pay isn't consistent but that last line was a wage that will keep me afloat for months.
Best boss and job ever!


Kristen Gregson said...

How sweet is that! Yes, he seems like the best boss ever. What a handsome little man too!

In regards to your house info, yes, it looks amazing! No, couldn't afford it...not even close. But, if YOU move there, we could come visit. Brent needs to reconsider! ;D

Beverly said...

Alec, Alec, he's my man. If he can't win your heart; no one can!

Scott said...

He's always struck me as an extra sweet, if not sometimes overly enthusiastic, young man.

Debbie said...

Super sweet. I love how you wrote this in conversation style.

Sheri said...

That's funny, my boss's name also starts with 'A'...Alec is a cutie, wish we were closer to get to know his personality better. Thanks for blogging so we can!