Sunday, November 13, 2011

All I Want for Christmas...

For most kids, losing a tooth is an important sign of growing up. For Alec, that is definitely the case. When many of his friends started losing teeth he started to get impatient, asking us when he was going to lose his first tooth. Well, he doesn't have to be patient any more because this week he lost not one, but two teeth.

In anticipation of the tooth fairy coming to visit, Alec had the following conversation with Rita:

Alec: Mom, a boy in my class says that his mom is the tooth fairy.
Rita: He thinks his mom is going to come to our house?!?
Alec: Yeah. Crazy, huh?

For whatever reason, it sometimes takes the tooth fairy a day or two to remember travel to our house. But, I'm glad to say that for both teeth she was able to put money under Alec's pillow the very night he placed his tooth there. I guess we she learned her lesson after doing such a bad job when Kenna was losing her teeth.


Rita said...

I wish you had been there for either of the actual tooth pulls. *THAT* would be a good blog post. He was pretty much psychotic during both incidents!

Barb said...

OH reading this makes me feel so normal. I have experienced both of these incidents numerous times. In fact this Friday we are taking Annie to the "knock out" dentist to have her teeth done. Honestly it is that bad, but it is also totally paid for I love Canada.

Andrea said...

I remember when that kid just had ONE tooth! He's so big! Cute with two missing teeth, too!

Beverly said...

I love Alec. He is one cute kid.