Monday, November 14, 2011

Royal Bliss Concert

Royal Bliss is a rock band from Salt Lake City that Todd and I like. They aren't very well known, but they do have a few songs that they play on the radio; they have a national recording contract and have toured throughout most of the country. They had been in concert in Salt Lake numerous times and I had always wanted to go see them. However, the shows were always at bars or nightclubs. The atmosphere wouldn't be the best and Todd wouldn't be allowed to go because you have to be 21.

Our chance to see them in concert came this past June when they put on a show in South Ogden. Not only was it close to our house, but it was an all-ages show. To top it all off, the show was FREE!

Todd and I were excited for the concert and we made preparations for a fun event. We knew that we would probably be able to talk to some of the members of the band, so the first thing we did was go on their website and learn the names of all the members. We also familiarized ourselves with some of their lesser-known songs that aren't played on the radio. The last thing we did was make preparations for our pre-concert tailgate party.

Todd enjoys a hot dog before the concert
The concert was held at Friendship Park in South Ogden, which is just ten miles from our house. We arrived at the park well before the concert and started our tailgate party. I grilled hot dogs on the camp grill while we played Royal Bliss's latest CD from the car stereo.

Brent and Todd wait for the concert to start
Once it got closer to the start of the concert we staked out a spot on the grass in front of the stage. We brought a blanket to sit on, but they ended up giving us chairs. Not only did that make it a bit more comfortable, but it also made it so we could see over the people in front of us without having to stand up.

The concert was fantastic. We knew almost all of the songs and sang along to some of them. The crowd was pretty small, but they were enthusiastic. They all cheered and sang, and some of them danced.

After the concert we got to speak to some of the band members and shake their hands. Todd brought his Royal Bliss CD--along with a marker--for the band members to sign. The intent was to get an autograph from all of them, but we ended up only getting one from the lead singer. The other guys didn't really stop and talk to people. However, we did shake their hands. I hope they were flattered that we knew their names. That I could tell, no one other than us even tried to speak to them.
Autographed Royal Bliss CD

For Todd's birthday, I framed the autographed CD. I included the cover of their album and hung it on his wall. It turned out nice, I think.


Andrea said...

You should blog more often. I went from thinking you were a so-so dad to thinking you are deserve the Father of the Year Award! Just kiddin'! I have always known you are a good dad. This post was pretty cool though. I love that you have similar taste in music. And even if you didn't, I'm sure you would have taken him anyway.

Rita said...

I am so glad you blogged this. Todd loved it. You are one cool big brother, I mean, dad.

Beverly said...

Awesome Brent. I can tell you have had a good upbringing. Love you and your family.