Sunday, November 6, 2011

Todd is driving!

Todd got his learner permit a couple weeks ago and boy, do I feel old! I mentioned to a coworker that my son got his permit and he said "I didn't think you were old enough to have a kid that age." My response was "Neither did I!"

Following tradition, Todd's initial driving instructions were given by me in the church parking lot starting a few weeks before his birthday. Once he turned 15, Rita took him to the Driver License office to take the written test. He failed the test on his first attempt. He didn't have time to try again that day, so he returned home and did some more studying from the manual.

A few days later Rita took him back to try again. This time he failed by just one question. They had gone early enough that he was able to try again. On his third try he missed it by one question again! When he took his test up to the desk, the man there must have had sympathy for Todd because he gave him a quick oral test to see if he was ready. Todd answered the man's questions correctly and was able to receive his license.

He doesn't get his full license for another year--for now he can only drive with Rita or me--but it's still a big step for him. It's funny how eager he is now to go with us when we have to run errands!


Beverly said...

Hurrah for Todd! I know he's going to be a great driver, like his dad. . . .has finally become.

Andrea said...

I'm going to be scared to drive with Tood, but not much more than I am to drive with Brent! Watch out Davis County Residents!

Rita said...

We are soooo old. My nerves aren't going to last much longer with this new chapter in our lives!

And BTW, it may be a *Zimmerman* tradition to learn to drive in the church parking lot but the Pilling tradition takes place in a field...chasing sheep or some other dumb animal...and at 12 years old!! Teehee.