Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Canadian Thanksgiving

 As you probably know, Thanksgiving is celebrated in Canada on a different day than in the U.S. Since it's one of my favorite holidays, I try to celebrate on both occasions. This year I hoped to celebrate the Canadian version with Rita and her parents, but it didn't work out. They all had other commitments.

That left me alone for the evening, but I decided to press forward with my celebration plans anyway. There was a big problem, though: I don't cook, which is kind of a requirement for having a traditional Thanksgiving meal. I tried my best to prepare something that resembled a Thanksgiving feast, but the results were a bit comical.
  • Since I don't know how to cook a turkey, I grilled a steak instead. Hey, it's meat.
  • I couldn't in a million years make stuffing from scratch, but I lucked out and found a box of Stove-Top in the pantry. You prepare it by adding water and heating it in the microwave. Even I could handle that. This was the part of the meal that best matched a true Thanksgiving.
  • I've never made mashed potatoes, so I just heated a potato in the microwave.
  • I don't know how to make gravy and didn't have a mix. I couldn't think of a good substitute for gravy so I just diced a tomato and put it on my potato. Not really the same thing as gravy.
  • I boiled some corn on the cob. As long as I can just add water I'm a pretty good cook.
  • In place of dinner rolls I toasted some French bread.
  • A pumpkin pie would have been a traditional dessert, but I couldn't think of a good substitute for that. Instead, I made a substitute for strawberry pie a la mode: Two strawberry toaster waffles with ice cream on top.
It didn't really compare to a good home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner, but it was enough to make me think of Thanksgiving and to also think of all the wonderful reasons I have to give thanks.


Barb said...

AWESOME! But so sad that you didn't get to celebrate Real Canadian thanksgiving, hope you have better luck with the made up American one!Tee hee.

Rita said...

It was a lovely meal. You're a little bit crazy that you fixed something so fancy to celebrate your wife's cultural tradition ;) I don't recall getting a run down of all the things you're thankful for...starting with TWO Thanksgivings per year. Ha ha.

Beverly said...

Loved this post! Hopefully, you'll get two more Thanksgiving meals before this month is over.

Scott said...

Pretty funny. You are a weird and wonderful guy.