Thursday, November 24, 2011

What I'm Thankful For: Part 3 - Things about Myself

This is the last in a series of blog posts dedicated to giving thanks. The first post included things I'm thankful for in our society and the world. The second post included things close to me such as family and friends. This final post will include things about myself.

Let me warn you now that a lot of the things in this post could be considered bragging. It's not like I need to publicly thank myself for having good characteristics. However, I think sharing this list can serve two purposes. First, it will give you a heartfelt glimpse at what I value. Second, it will hopefully give you an example of a good "daily affirmation." I am a big proponent of a healthy self image and think that everyone should try to recognize their own good qualities.

Things I'm Thankful For about Myself
  • My health. There is a saying: "As long as you have your health you have everything." I don't fully agree with that sentiment, but you have to admit that there are very few things in life that matter as much as your health does. I try not to take my health for granted. I'm thankful that I'm able-bodied, active, and rarely sick.
  • My intelligence. I'm thankful that I have a job that allows me to use my intellect. It's a good thing, because I'm not good with my hands and I'm a bit lacking in people skills. It's true that I hated school, but I love learning and using the things I learn.
  • My knowledge. I'm thankful for the things I've learned. I have a college degree. I enjoy the benefits of living in the Information Age and the immeasurable knowledge that is just a mouse click away. I'm also thankful for my knowledge of the Gospel.
  • My analytical nature. If I had to describe my personality in one word, I think I would choose "analytical." I like to analyze everything. I realize this doesn't make me the life of the party in social situations, and it also causes me to be indecisive. But at the same time it keeps me out of trouble and helps me understand technical things. It's a part of me that I've learned to embrace.
  • The wise decisions I've made. I've made many decisions that I'd be embarrassed to share, but I've also made some decisions that I'm proud of. I've never done drugs. I have been financially responsible. I decided to marry Rita and chose to be a father. My career decisions have had good results. I have made my share of small mistakes, but as far as major life decisions are concerned I think I've made the right choice every time.
I recognize I have personality flaws, but I have learned to accept myself. I'm thankful for my unique personality traits, both good and bad. In summary, I'm thankful for who I am.


    Scott said...

    I'm thankful that you have all these wonderful traits, too. You have always been and still are a wonderful son and friend.

    Beverly said...

    I'm also thankful for your wonderful traits as well. Although you do not characterize yourself as a "people person," you are as loyal and supportive as anyone I know.

    Barb said...

    Brenty I love all these things about you, it brings a welcome new side to our family. Your great!

    Andrea said...

    You sound just like me, but healthier, more intelligent, knowledgeable, and analytical. So..I guess we both make good decisions! :)

    Rita said...

    These strengths are such blessings to me. You are a wonderful person, father, and hubba hubba husband. I love you. Something that I admire greatly (and envy, really) about you is your healthy self-appraisal. You know yourself very well. You recognize things you're good at and don't berate yourself for imperfection. So great.