Saturday, October 25, 2008

Autism Follow up

My friend posted a link in the comments of my last post. I wanted to put it on the page just in case it wasn't seen. It's great. This guy has written a book about exactly what bugs me about people speaking out about disorders they know nothing about. Check it out.


Atkin Family said...
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Atkin Family said...

Yayyy Rita -- You made my day!! Instead of coming onto your blog and having David Archuletta start singing (sorry, I'm just not a fan) --- my allll time favvvorite song/singer --- "The Way It Is" - Bruce Hornsby -- welcomed me to your site!!! I'm sorry if I burned that one into your pysche by playing it a million times every time we got in that Grey GrandAm. BTW - I put a video on my website I thought you might get a kick out of - but its a little racy . . . so you may just want to listen not view! You gotta' root for Britney, huh, what a great disaster!! :)
One more thing, when you paste (embed) your playlist into your website - if you change the 2nd width to about 240, then the whole thing will fit in the column (you can also change the height if you like, just something Troy helped me with I thought you might like.

LordStanley said...

"know" ... you must have been fumin' to miss that one.